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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. FredA
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  2. Currawong Contributor
    I managed to hack my DI-U8 to work with the R2R 7. All I had to do was disconnect the i2s output from the USB card, and connect it directly to the HDMI i2s output. I also disconnected the 5V supply to the S/PDIF and hijacked that to power the USB board instead. S/PDIF I'm taking directly off the USB board.
  3. drez
    Oh cool is there a +5V in the R2R7? I hope there's one in the NFB7.77 so I can power my Singxer F1, if it can fit. Urgh I need to replace the cermaic caps I burnt on it too. Maybe order a Pulsar clock. Or 3. No rush I guess...
  4. Currawong Contributor
    The Class A PSU groups in the DI-U8 only output about 200mA, which isn't enough for most USB boards. It was lucky that it was enough for the USB board in the DI-U8, but that has split power for the clocks using the 2V and 3.3V groups.

    The power groups are labelled just in front of the red caps. There are also labels on front/rear-oriented resistors that come directly from those groups.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  5. enigmus12
    A question about the firmware update (smooth vs accurate)... From what i understand from your statement Currawong, Kingwa told you that he have corrected the DSP output, so do I have to understand that all the DSP setting were corrected (OS and non OS) ? If so it can't be a DSP option like other settings...

    From my point of view the "accurate" should be the default firmware if it's a correction... The settings provided are already there to add some warmness, In this optic does any of you tried to change the settings with this accurate firmware to get close to the "old sound" (if you were in 8xOS with smooth perhaps 4xOS with accurate could sound close to it).

    Just wondering because that's strange to think that a possible major correction is behind the scene because we all prefer some warm, coloured sound (me included even if i've not try this new firmware). As a DAC designer, I think they must aimed to the most neutral and allowing user to add warm like it is already done actually. I've spent some times with NOS settings and some could be good with a bit more accuracy...
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  6. Wynnytsky
    yes somebody do that and report back

    I've used other DACs that have quite a few filters selectable from a front panel display

    Would be cool if audio-gd had a mod that replaced the RJ45 I2S with an actual ethernet port and a webserver powered over ethernet. From a web UI you should be able to instruct it to check for new filters online (like you'd do in a modern motherboard's BIOS).
    I wouldn't need a front panel display -- being able to switch the active filter and set the oversampling on the fly via the web browser would be more than enough.
  7. FredA
    Then you would have to shield the dac against this new source of pollution. Hard to maintain sound quality.

    As for me, I would also like to have acces to the settings from a menu on the faceplate. That would nice for experimenting. I might install a set of dip switch someday on the back plate. That would be good enough.
  8. FredA
    I tried both and i found the smooth version has more depth. The accurate version is not better as far as i am concerned. The signature of the dac was tuned with it so it's a good argument in favor to sticking to it. But then, by making it a setting, your can choose the one you prefer.

    I would rather not play with the OS setting. I want the dynamics to remain as is and the top extension as well.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
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  9. windcar
    Currawong, would you be kind enough to do a comparison with the Yggy you have?
  10. Currawong Contributor
    The word "correction" was never used. I think, though I could be wrong, it could be the clock accuracy of the output. Whatever it was, he reduced this to a smaller number. The result is that it appears to remove what I think are extremely subtle even-order harmonics that R2R DACs have as their character, and make them so pleasant to listen with.

    There were two things changed in the "accurate" firmware. Changing just one made the sound worse, at least in my opinion.

    An ethernet port would mean putting a computer inside the DAC. The thought had crossed my mind about putting a Raspberry Pi inside, but as someone has already mentioned, that would add unwanted noise inside, and hooking one up externally is trivial. I haven't tried it, but the firmware updater has a linux version, so while it wouldn't be quite so neat, it is probably possible to set up something that allows firmware switching as well as music streaming.

    That's the plan, once I can sit down again and do some A/B'ing.
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  11. decapitate85
    Good evening all. Last week I managed to sell my master 7 (old version, not singularity) which I was using with audio-gd di-2014 (via) through i2s. I sold it because my idea was to replace it either with r2r 7 or master 7 singularity (or even better he7s).

    Today I had the chance to test denafrips terminator and, notwithstanding the wonderful presentation of the stage, the perfect separation of all instruments and the wonderful voices (even if a little bit far away to my tastes..on the back of the stage), all factors which seemed to be better than my old master 7, the resulting sound was too much "slow" and "bubbling" on low frequencies. As far as I'm reading around (even here someone posted that master 7 is better on this side) it seems that r2r resistance dacs tends to be slow and "audiophile friendly" on the bass frequencies.

    If that is what I will hear when buying the r2r 7, I think I will prefer renouncing to the better identified stage, voices and resolution and chose the better bass of the master 7.

    Additionally I noticed that files in 44.1 are sounding more analog on the master 7 (even with 8x oversampling) over denafrips Terminator (both in NOS or oversampled).

    Anyway, I really appreciated the fact that Vinshine audio sent one denafrips terminator, to be tested and shared among a lot of Italians, for free. At least 10 persons already bought one after the test.
    Mr. Qingwa should have to do the same to advertise his wonderful products.
  12. gk2013
    Audio-GD has distributors in Europe. Magna Hifi even does local repairs; upgrade etc.. You can buy from them and they deliver excellent service!
    Shipping products without any guarantee / payment sounds very strange to me. Hard to believe.
  13. decapitate85
    Me I'm buying directly from kingwa and it's not a problem.
    Regarding the terminator, you can read both the review on moon audio and the thread here where you can find the story of the one which is being tested all over Italy. It is just one, which will be sent back at the end, and this kind of advertising is paying well because many person are buying it after the test.
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  14. gk2013
    Does anyone know the "phase pin" of the power inlet of the R2R7?
  15. DACLadder
    From the rear looking at the three pins of the IEC C14 power connector (male, plug) the left pin is the "hot" or live or phase connection (USA black wire or brown elsewhere). The right pin is the neutral connection (USA white wire or blue) The middle pin is electrical ground or earth (green wire).

    The above is all true if your wall plugs and cables are wired correctly. See this example for plugs and sockets....
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
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