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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. bballas
    visual compare:
    R2R 7 - DAC
    Holo spring - Toy
  2. drew911d
    Concerning real comparisons where it counts (sq), any against the directstream jr?
  3. tkcha
    That is what I want hear real compare from real people. No BS people have real idea not like BBALLAS
  4. remoss
    Don't know if I'm THE reviewer, but it's my site and I do this on my own, so in this case, yes :wink:
    doak likes this.
  5. bballas
    Holo spring: 8980 RMB
    R2R 7 :16990 RMB
  6. remoss
    Level 1?
  7. tkcha
    Then U are real. I hope we get your feedback for R2R HE7. But by the way google translate is sucks U can do english also holo spring 3 U compare to R2R7 was KTE or some other version ? If not KTE would let us know.
  8. tkcha
    BBALLAS U dont know what U talking about. Go read more and find out what we talk about . Just dont BS here.
  9. remoss
    English review is difficult for me and takes a lot of extra time, sorry. I used a Holo Level 3 from Magna Hifi in the comparison with the R2R7.
  10. tkcha
    That is not same DAC we talk about . may be not much different than KTE still not a same thing. Thank U for clear out .
  11. bballas
    You have great Amp!!!!!haha
  12. bballas
    my opinion:
    change transformers,put better caps,in cables,put wolf sticker on the trafo- its almost nothing!!!
    take out transformers,use ultracapacitors -this is upgrade
  13. tkcha
    Maybe if U can prove it. So speak up
  14. gk2013
    Take out transformers? :bow:
    The Level 3 from Holo is damned good. Build quality is awesome and sound is great. The Level 1 is great, but the 3 is definitely another level.
    I agree with BBallas in regards to the "Tuned Level 3 version"; another Fuse and capacitor won't take it to next level.

    Audio-GD R2R 7 sound is breathtaking though........
  15. tkcha
    BUT that last 1% is what we are going for that is why even HE7 is there for if U dont belive there is no reason to HE7 existence. Better parts 90% time better sound. U dont than OK for U. U not me
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