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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. remoss
    Yes, it was NOS 3. Only jumper S2 ON. I still have to listen to all other modes, but I will do that after a good burn-in time. But maybe by then there is a R2R 7 HE version in my system :wink:
  2. barbas
    Thanks for your input enigmus12. I find that every mode has their advantages and disadvantages. I used it several months in Mode 1 which I believed by that time was the best one, on day I changed it to Mode 3 an found quite improvements in some areas. But as I said, it's a trade-off and overall Mode 3 is the one I enjoy the most right now.

    I've read your post on the M7 thread, and regarding PLL i was using it disabled before the latest firmware upgrade. Now I use it in enabled, I believe it's an improvement now. I must say maybe my source is not the best one in therms of jitter-free, I use an Aries Mini with iFi iPower and a Jitterbug feeding the USB of the AGD. Just some impressions...

    Sorry, maybe I've gone off-topic...
  3. enigmus12
    The new digital board have both the NOS and OS firmware but with a whole new software. From what I read on the NOS units they had more settings on PLL (1 and 2) and other stuff not present anymore (asynchronous mode and sound flavor). I really don't know but in my mind, Kingwa removed what was useless to him for the NOS settings and we are left with PLL on or off. I've done my test with PPLEN off but perhaps PLLEN on is different in NOS mode than OS.

    So that's not off topic, It raise the question at least to me ^^
  4. barbas
    Indeed, settings are different now for the new firmware on the Singularity that the las V2 firmware for NOS. Maybe, as you say, Kingwa got rid off some unnecessary tweaking. My preferences right now on the last V2 NOS firmware are PLL Mode 1, Neutral, NOS Mode 3 and asynch Mode 1. I'll try again today switching with NOS Mode 1 and PLL disabled.
  5. FredA
    Listening to Leonard Cohen Tower of Song now with AKG K701 and nfb-1amp. His grainy low voice sounds really well. This is the ultimate bass test for me. They play with bass on the production, giving Cohen's voice some boost in the the lower end. This is very clear it's being done through the r2r 7. I have other listening notes i will post at some point.

    Never mentioned this but the r2r 7 is superb with vocals. All low level info in the background is cleaner that with the M7 as well. Everything is well detached. Listening to this dac with a clean heaphone setup is a blast. Must be really special with a M9 and a set of HD800 using an acss connection.
  6. Wynnytsky
    yup was playing Leonard Cohen the first two nights. Those low-freq vocals flood the whole room and still create a rock solid center image. Really showcases this DACs strengths well.

    fully saturated and fleshed out, without dissolving the texture
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  7. FredA
    Don't know why i like my k701 so much with the r2r 7. The signature is close to the M7. But i like the r2r 7 so much more with them. It's a great match. I guess it puts in evidence all the subtle inflexions the r2r 7 can resolve. The r2r 7 is a very refined source, no doubt. Looking forward to hearing on the hd800 with the r2r 7. Must be very special. Kingwa must have tried this match, i am sure. I see a pair of hd800 in my future.
  8. LarsHP
    Hopefully either an "Anaxilus" modified HD800 or a HD800S...
  9. FredA
    The hd800s is so much better?
  10. LarsHP
    Off topic - sorry!

    I must start saying that I'm clearly not a fan for HD800. To be honest, I don't know what genre it is good for.

    The issue is that while it's giving a fantastic airy and precise sound stage with an extra amount of treble which is awesome for classical and other kinds of acoustic music, the treble (of which there is too much) is terribly dry. This makes it useless for the same kinds of music IMO. Bass is thight, but rolled off, which makes it less fulfilling with rythmical music (pop, rock, dance, R&B etc.). Maybe agressive heavy metal music is good with HD800, but I never ever listen to that kind of music so I don't know.

    HD800S has fixed the dry treble. The treble in the S-version it just clean and good. Howver, I still feel the overall tonal balance is one the light side of neutral. For classical music it's most likely one of the very best headphones there is based on the above mentioned qualities in the original version. In my opinion the HD800S is what the HD800 should have been all the time. Check out how many have tried to mod the HD800 to get rid of the excess, dry treble and you will understand...
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  11. vr1
  12. FredA
    Thanks! Appreciated.
  13. FredA
    I am back to the default settings tonight, meaning pll off. No software upsampling done either (thanks Currawong). Sounds perfect. Smoother than with pll on. Otherwise, it's very similar but i like it better like with pll off. This dac plays music.:smile_phones:
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
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  14. conquerator2
    R2R11 is here. I am testing with my studio monitors first and going off memory vs the Chord Mojo. First impressions are very positive to say the least. The clarity is stunning and the tonality seems spot on. Very detailed off the get go. Will update when I test further but for 350$ I am stunned right now!
  15. conquerator2
    Testing the headphone amp with my MA900. Running low gain around 7 oclock. Now this headphone is pretty easy to drive but because it is also extremely low impedance it can cause problems. There's no noise with the R2R11. Speaking of, I've found my end game. There's nothing else I need in my life. It sounds better than the Mojo on all levels. More detailed, just as smooth, excellent expansive soundstage. Seems to be a baby R2R7 by all accounts.... It has power, clarity and works with all my applications and just sounds sublime. The fact this thing is 350$ is unbelievable. I am stunned.
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