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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. Wynnytsky
    got mine @4:32pm yesterday
    I've read someone describing a DAC as having "swing", and those first notes immediately reminded me of that.
    The depth/weight/tone I'm hearing now is what I'd expect to follow weeks of break-in, so I'm guessing it's going to get worse before it gets better?
    I tried the USB for a moment, and yes the treble has much to go if it's ever going to catch up with the Tanly via I2S.

    On the Gustard X20's I2S input, the L/R channels would flip, but I think it only did this on either DSD or PCM.
    On this DAC the I2S behaves the same for PCM and and DSD. Unfortunately my Tanly interface has it wired the other way (and who knows what "right" is). No biggie because I can flip channels with wires or in JRiver.
    Next I want to confirm the absolute phase isn't being flipped on I2S (because that's what my ears tell me).
    For that I have to start listening on USB, then enable each software function/filter one at a time, then repeat the process with I2S.

    what a treat this thing is
    to be continued...
  2. FredA
    The first impressons were good also for mine. After that, it's a roller coaster with diminishing amplitude between the lows and the highs, culminating to a breakthrough moment at 550 hours. That is when you become addicted and start thinking that it's perfect.
  3. DACLadder
    Interesting.... Looking at the R2R 7 and R2R 7HE chassis the digital and analog boards are different size. The HE power supplies occupy almost 50% of the available chassis depth while the regular supplies maybe 33%. Same with S7 versus S7 HE. This means there are two different digital and analog board designs to accommodate each design in the standard chassis. So doesn't appear to be an upgrade path for regular DACs to the internal HE power supplies. Unless you buy new everything of course. .
  4. davidnow
    Hi, i own a Master 7 (last firmware) and wonder if I will go for the R2R 7. It's not that I am not happy with the M7, but you know, always looking for something better...
    I just want to thank you for this thread and for your objective opinions. Very interesting and very useful. Thanks
  5. FredA
    Not sure about this. The he version is deeper to accomodate the regenerative supply. So i would assume it utilizes the same boards.
  6. Matez
    No pressure, not at all :ksc75smile:

    Apologies for derailing this thread, but out of curiosity, what speaker system you consider as good?
  7. DACLadder
    Yes, the HE chassis is 20mm deeper. But the regular chassis digital and analog boards have extra sets of heatsinks near the power supplies that are not present on the HE versions. They physically look different. Most likely the active circuit side downstream of the boards' heatsinks and LDOs are identical. I'm just making an observation as Kingwa has to maintain two sets of boards to accomodate each type.
  8. remoss
    Magna Hifi here in the Netherlands has the R2R7 HE in house (yes early adopter) and just an hour ago he measured the depth of the chassis for me, it's 500mm, so the AG website is very wrong!
  9. DACLadder
    Wow! So are the digital and analog boards the same or different between the two models?
  10. remoss
    Currawong likes this.
  11. Currawong Contributor
    A friend of a friend has a system with Maggies, so hopefully that at some stage.
  12. darren700
    Luckily I have plenty of room on-top of my entertainment unit for it to go behind my TV, however keeping all the power cables away from the interconnects will be difficult.

    Yes I didn't think of that initially, definitely makes more sense to have the pre-amp and CD player fed regen power along with the DAC. Too bad Kingwa doesnt make a larger regen that can supply power amps also.... but I imagine it would be even more massive than the HE350 already is.
  13. Matez
    Since you review stuff, this makes sense.
  14. barbas
    Hi Remoss, is that review yours? If so, can you please emphasis the differences you're finding now (after long burn-in) with the Holo Spring L3? Are you still in OS mode? Have you tried different NOS modes?
  15. FredA
    Google translated the review and this pretty much confirms my observations. This r2r 7 plays music with an unexpectable finesse and improves a lot over the first weeks.

    As for me, after owning and enjoying the M7 for 4 years thinking it was almost perfect, I dont't see much that could be improved with the r2r 7. It's this good. Best treble you can imagine, rich medium, defined bass going very low, and great soundstaging, very lively. Just a great music machine, for those who are in this game because they love music.

    One thing i like to say is: the source is fundamental, however good the rest of the chain is, if the source is not up to the task, you end up disappointed. You can't make up for an ordinary source, that's as simple as that. You can fixed what was broken unless it's just a tonal balance issue.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
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