NEW Audeze LCDi4 In-Ear Headphones

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  1. MoonAudio Contributor
    NEW Audeze LCDi4 In-Ear Headphones
    Free 2nd Day Shipping
    $2,495.00 Audeze LCDi4 In-Ear Headphones
    Audeze has taken the driver technology from their #1 rated LCD4 and designed the LCDi4 In-ear Headphones. 
    The world's most advanced in-ear headphones with a magnesium frame and gold plated grill.
    The LCDi4 delivers bass response flat to 10Hz, the widest, most accurate soundstage, and one-tenth the distortion.

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  2. h1f1add1cted
    More details please.
  3. Computer Lounge
    Has there been an official announcement from Audeze? I heard rumors about an LCD-i3, but nothing ever came of the rumors...

    // Alex
  4. Cagin
    High end show in Munich is the reveal of it and end of nda too

    Lcdi3 is now the lcdi4 which makes sense I guess. Since flagship can was the 4 and the isine variant being marketed as the pocket lcd4
  5. Maelob
    Audeze already put an ad in the Absolute Sound Mag
  6. TWerk
    2500 for an iem... lol ok Audeze.

    Loling at the free shipping.

    Wow - I thought 2500 was expensive until I saw the free shipping. What a bargain that is now.
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  7. Sound Eq
    sounds good looking forward for impressions
  8. PACSman
    Are these open-backed? If so, I can't use them at the office, on the airplane or when I'm in a room with my wife. I don't know if I can use them while exercising because they may not resist sweat. The combined cost of my two favorite headphones is about $2,500 so I don't think the price-tag is holding me back. I don't understand how to insert the LCDi4 into my lifestyle :confused: Suggestions?
  9. BenHolmes
    I agree. These would not be my go-to 'walkabout' headphones. Seems like they're marketing as LCD-4 in the studio/home, LCDi4 for on the go... but nah, I think these are actually pretty much for the studio/home too. Maybe it's just so you can carry them easy between places, easier than a huge carrying case?

    They look awesome, I'm sure the sound fantastic. Just seriously wondering how I could justify getting this, apart from the want to just have it for the sake of it.... which brings me to my last point, I would only get it if it was something really really special sounding... comparative to full size LCD or better.

    I'm only ranting because I do want them... just can't justify it on my paycheck!
  10. pbui44
    We just had them at our meet, so I will answer your questions. Yes, though the drivers are small, so the sound leakage is less audible. Don't use them for exercising, as the electronics are very sensitive and any sweat on the drivers will likely make them fail. Sorry, but non-user-removable-cabled in-ears with sealed housings and very durable nozzles are best for exercising, as sweat can seep into connection areas and cause part failures.

    Also, consider getting a very powerful amp or portable amp with the LCD-i4, as the scaleability is the level of over-ear planar-magnetics. A good portable solution would be the ALO Continental Dual Mono, though impressions with this combo would be of much help.
  11. BenHolmes
    How did you find the i4?
  12. pbui44
    Vendor rep brought it to our meet. He had it hooked up to the Headamp GS-X MKii with unbalanced cable. Yeah, a balanced cable would definitely benefit it.
  13. raypin can use the i4 where you can use an open-backed headphones. The idea for this and the iSine series is to be able to replicate the open-backed headphone listening experience in a much smaller and just larger than iem form factor. In other words, it is a headphone that you can put in your pocket.

    It won't replace your in-ear, nor was it meant to be. Those who are complaining about lack of isolation just don't get it. It is also a genuine, legitimate 100% planar magnetic. Get it?

    Example scenario: you are travelling abroad. You are in your hotel room. You want to relax. You put the i4 and enjoy your music. Not many travellers bring their full-sized planar magnetics while travelling. It is too big and too heavy to carry. This is where the i4 (and the iSine) comes in handy.

    Example scenario: you are in a world-class museum and you want to admire a master's painting. You sit on the bench in front of the painting and put on the i4. Picasso with Mahler?? What can be more glorious than that?
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  14. pbui44
    After hearing the LCD-i4 and reading this, I could not have said it better myself.
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  15. lostman
    I wish there was a middle ground between this and iSine. iSine's are nice but feel incredibly flimsy and the flat rubbery cable is quite frankly terrible. If LCDi4 will be as solid as the price-tag would suggest then maybe one day I'll suffer temporary insanity and buy it :)
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