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New Audeze LCD3

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 13, 2011.
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  1. Solude
    Its more about budget than preference.  The LCD-3 is better in every way expect punch but the caveat is that it's less forgiving of amp and dac choice.  If you have the funds to build a good LCD-3 rig, do it.  If you want the safe, high value option, LCD-2.
  2. beaver316
    I really want an LCD3 and would not mind waiting longer to gain more funds, but i feel for me the issue is my music library. I have plenty of modern music, aka badly mastered, so that's why im leaning towards the LCD2 since it 'plays' better with that kind of music. Im just wondering how the LCD3 does with poorly mastered music too. Is it as forgiving? If not them how much does it detract from enjoying the music?
    Take this situation. I have and LCD2 and an LCD3 right here with me. I decide to pop in a Chemical Brother's album which isnt mastered that good. I playback the CD on the LCD2 first followed by the LCD3. Will i actually enjoy the LCD2 more despite it's successor's improvements (better treble, bass extension, highs etc etc.). Will those qualities come to the fore or is it a matter of the LCD3 showing the flaws more intensely therefore it doesn't sound as good.
  3. nigeljames
    Yes I always thought that could be the case.
    I used to own the 2.1 and it was dark but not as dark as the HD650's.I bought the TWAG2 silver cable which did brighten then up slightly but it was not a massive difference even though overall the TWAG is far superior to the stock cable.
    The LCD2.2's I have now are not dark at all with the TWAG cable.
  4. dailydoseofdaly

    I was a/bing my 2 and 3 on some poorly mastered material last night and the way you put that the lcd3 shows the flaws more intensely seems to be my conclusion. If the highs are harsh in the track, the lcd3 is all over it. Where as the lcd2 would kinda glaze over the harshness more
  5. Lan647
    Whats wrong with the STAX electrostatic amps? I hear the 007T (not TII) is an excellent match. 
    The SR-009 goes well with less powerful electrostatic amps. They are easy to drive.
  6. Solude
    The joke is that the 323s is the high point of the Stax line... and the lowest priced of the bunch /facepalm
  7. Lan647
    Well I think the good ol' Stax SR-5 is the best headphone I've ever heard. And my friend picked it up for like a hundred bucks /facepalm

  8. rgs9200m
    SR009+007t/ii to my ears is splendid, right up there with best dynamics with the best amps like the Pinnacle.
    Why do you say "not T II"?
  9. Lan647
    I'm only saying that because I often read the T model being recommended, and a friend of mine owns the TII, tried it with the 009 and found that it was way to powerful. The electrostats will sound aggressive when they are fed with too much power. 
  10. arnaud Contributor
    I use the 009 with the Stax 727II amp and it walked all over the LCD3 in terms of resolution when I compared the two out of the same source (sorry, don't recall the LCD3 amp). You don't need to spend that much money on the amp to start enjoying the 009.
    As for comfort, you're in for a shock coming from the HD600. Personally, the lack of comfort / heavy weight is a major turn off for the LCDs. I actually enjoyed them a lot for rock music but the comfort just kills it (have to admit I am sissy though and suffer from sore shoulder staring all day at computer screen and severely lacking exercise :wink:. The 009 is supremely comfortable, as best as I have experience from Stax gear, along the same lines as HD800 for me (I have a small head btw).
  11. m2man
    With the wrong amp LCD-3 < LCD-2
    With the right amp LCD-3 > LCD-2

    It really makes a huge difference. Read the LCD-3 Amp thread. There's like 5 people agree on. :frowning2:
  12. AnakChan Moderator
    +1. Another satisfied 009/727 customer here.
  13. DogMeat
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    Whats wrong with the STAX electrostatic amps? I hear the 007T (not TII) is an excellent match. 
    The SR-009 goes well with less powerful electrostatic amps. They are easy to drive.

    Nothing wrong with any of that.
    But I think I did mention that I'm trying to pay off med school, would like to do that before I'm fi'tty.[​IMG]
    I have a set of Stax SRX's, trans and all.
    I love listening to them, they are some very lucid cans!
    They are also rather elderly, Stax won't even work on them any more, and I detect a faint crackle, every so often, in the right phone.[​IMG]
    So now I am examining other options and trying some different experiences, while TRYING to stay inside of a budget.
    One of my experiments will be to try to get LFF to make me a set of the Fostex Pardoxers.
    I'm working my way around to arriving at the type of sound sig that is perfect for me. And which cans can do that faithfully.
    So I will ask around about different headphones and see if I can get answers that I can work with to decide on the next big purchase.
    Wondering if the LCD3 is part of that journey, which is why I'm here on the LCD3 thread and not up in the Stax Holy Grail thread.....[​IMG]
  14. AnakChan Moderator
    Before (and after) I bought my SRM-727A, I compared extensively with the SRM-007tA. On my SR-009, the 007tA was suited for live jazz recordings with a nice huge concert-hall atmosphere. But with modern pop/rock, I felt it was too slow for my tastes. The 727A on the other hand, was more of a generalist. Suited all genre that I listened to. So I stuck to the 727A.

    Edit: sorry, after I posted this I realized this is an LCD-3 thread. Apologies of the OT. Mods, feel free to delete if inappropriate.
  15. K3cT
    Actually that's something I'm deathly curious about since you can get the LCD-3 AND a top of the line amplifier at the cost of the SR-009 alone so I wonder whether the former combination can close the gap against the SR-009 driven with a "basic" 727 amplifier? 
    I still do think that if you have the money to burn then investing in a proper SR-009 setup is the way to go though since properly driven, its transparency and clarity is really something else so long you're ready to accept that it's not exactly a forgiving headphone, unlike the LCD-3 or SR-007. Both of these headphones do offer a unique property that is achieving a perfect balance between musicality/forgiveness and transparency, something that is becoming difficult to come by judging by the recent trend of headphone development AKA brightness war. 
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