New and Improved* Luxury & Precision L5 PRO 32bit DSD DAP with AKM AK4490, touch screen, rosewood blackplate

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by johnyang, Mar 30, 2015.
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  1. audionewbi
    The major downside is 2.5mm jack.
  2. JohnYang
    Thats a hit or miss thing really, I do think the majority of the after-market balanced cables are 2.5mm jacked anyway.
  3. audionewbi
    A friend of mine told me the 3.5 mm jack is arguably better than 2.5mm so no worries there however for a dap of that size 4.4mm is feasible. I get why designer like 2.5mm it takes less space.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Have you ever had a 2.5mm jack fail? I haven't. 2.5mm is a standard, it works, and its a lot more sensible when the push is to have smaller devices. Sony decides to buck the trend and comes out with the 4.4mm and everyone swoons over it. The SQ will not be affected by the jack size. It's typical audiophile reaction to a problem that doesn't exist.

    - bigger = better
    - more drivers = better
    - newer = better
    - more expensive = better

    Except mostly thats not true. And in this case I hope the 4.4mm just fades away. Its an answer to a problem that isn't there.
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  5. JohnYang
    I would argue with 2.5mm taking less spac. If they have enough space to put a 3.5mm single ended port, there are probably enough space to put in a 3.5mm balanced port.

    I think picking a different size for balanced port can avoid user plugging their singled ended cables into balanced ports, which can potentially damage the music players.

    I am a big fan of 4.4mm actually, it is diffent from the 3.5mm single ended port, while being a lot more durable than 2.5mm. However, the sizing will limit the thickness of the player.

    Anyway, there are always pros and cons for the different ports, but I think 2.5mm is the most popular trend right now.
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  6. audionewbi
    Head over the dpx1 thread and ask the user of dpx1 regarding their view on 2.5mm. Before Sony DAP I came to the conclusion if a device can't get the 3.5mm sound right balance is just another gimmick when it comes to portable DAPs. HUGO made me be sure single ended has a lot more offer soundwise however Sony made me feel maybe balance on portable usage isn't just a gimmick.
  7. Ultrainferno
    Balanced for the win, always. (If well implemented)
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  8. Ultrainferno
    Playlist add and delete: yes.

    Damn file limit...
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  9. Brooko Contributor
    Good for power, and may have different output impedance by design - but generally when you volume match - most of the balanced DAPs and DAC/amps I've tried sound the same (and measure the same - to the point of audibility anyway).
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  10. tienbasse
    This has to stop.

    2.5mm balanced connectors may or may not make sense on DAPs, at least they're easy to incorporate into small DAPs, and not proprietary.
    The DP-X1 debacle is just ONE example of bad implementation, among 20+ DAPs that used such a connector. Blame Pioneer/Onkyo all day long, that has nothing to do with any inherent design flaw of the connector itself, just bad design/manufacturing of this particular DAP.

    Sony has pushed multiple proprietary connectors in the past, à la "Apple", and their 4.4mm socket is just another attempt at imposing a proprietary connector to be able to charge third parties with royalties upon using/selling this type of connector.

    Has anyone been able to demonstrate any element of technical superiority for this 4.4mm socket/connector¨vs 2.5mm ?
    Not really, unless people think that bigger if better (in portable DAPs, funny). So good riddance 4.4mm, this is definitely NOT a new "standard".
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  11. JohnYang
    Brooko, I personally found that balanced out has slightly larger sound stage and separation, which result in a clearer and fuller sound. Perhaps that is because of higher power(voltage) output, which some of the IEM/headphones can be benefit from.
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Could well be John - depends very much on the transducers and whether the DAP is supplying enough power via SE. But in your comparisons - did you actually volume match properly (using either a multi-meter or SPL meter), and did you try the comparisons blind to see if it was simply expectation bias at play? I've even had some of the biggest proponents of balanced output try this and admit that the differences they thought they heard are either not there or greatly diminished from what they originally claimed. They still use balanced because they feel more comfortable with it. Sort of like how I upscale to DSD on my iDSD DAC/amp sometimes. I know it sounds no better (I've blind tested), but the light on the unit changes colour, and psychologically if I happen to glance at the light it feels/sounds better to me. No basis in fact, and I recognise it for what it is (merely psycho-acoustic visually stimulated enhancement) - but I still prefer it like that.

    All I'm saying is that ultimately I'd rather know if its my mind or an actual improvement.
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  13. soundblast75
    Anybody seen L6 yet?
  14. JohnYang
    Hey Soundblast75,

    Yes, I have gotten my hand on one. My friend bought one sinch launch, and he lend me for a few days.

    The sound is incredibly good. More smooth and lush approach in general sounding. Build quality and software is up a notch from comparing to L5 Pro. I can post some photos and mini review if u want.
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  15. tienbasse
    This would be very nice, thank you.
    The pricetag is high enough that a couple of reviews would be welcome before committing.
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