New and Improved* Luxury & Precision L5 PRO 32bit DSD DAP with AKM AK4490, touch screen, rosewood blackplate

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by johnyang, Mar 30, 2015.
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  1. raychak
  2. bavinck
    Hey folks,
    Is the l5pro able to behave as a usb dac now from a smartphone usb audio out?
  3. Brooko Contributor
    I just tested with my iPhone 5S and it worked.  Problem is that as soon as you touch the volume control on the L5 Pro it automatically jumps to full volume while in DAC mode.  Might be usable in android - but not with the iP5S
  4. bavinck
  5. Snake07
    New firmware has arrived!!!
    Google translate from chinese:
    1, optimized APE format decoding (24Bit / 192Khz can support to Normal, 24Bit / 44.1Khz can support to EXTRA HIGH);
    2, increase the DSD to PCM output function (DSD decoding support native output and DSD to PCM output in two modes);
    3, increase the PNG format cover support;
    4, increase CUE and Lyric file Unicode support;
    5, to optimize the stochastic random play;
    6, to amend the length of individual VBR MP3 file error;
    7, to amend the Japanese menu translation and individual text display problem;
    8, other optimization and bug fixes.
    Download :
  6. JohnYang
    It is on their official website as well,
    It seems like they fix the shuffling problem?
  7. Snake07
    I dont know is it fully fixed,but shuffle works definetly better.
  8. ThUtiBlA
    Could anyone to reupload last firmware to another site. Thanks.

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  9. Snake07
  10. Silent Xaxal
    How is this compared to the Shanling M5?
  11. kslava1976
    Hi, everyone! I have small question about WawPack playback at at my new L&P L5Pro.
    Player just can't see any of WawPack file (32/192 for my case) in it and says NO FILE as well as can't read/see any CUE Sheet file for that!
    What is your way to listen such codec?
    Thank you in advance!
  12. alodochnikov
    I have one minor problem. With files, which longer than one hour, it does not showing current time position.
    It seems that no one else listens ones :)
    How could we post it to the developer?
  13. WayneWoondirts
    Just received my L5 Pro, can somebody please tell me what the most current firmware is?
    mine runs
  14. drbit
    Hi all!

    Somebody knows where to buy a battery?

    On Ali did not find (
  15. GTMarauder46
    Is this DAP still being supported? Haven't updated the firmware in some time and don't see much activity on here.
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