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New Amp from HeadAmp - GS-X Mini

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Rhamnetin, Jul 8, 2018.
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  1. ksorota
    I'll be using my 2Qute until I can upgrade to the Qutest!

    Cannot go wrong with chord
  2. dan.gheorghe
    Indeed. That was me. I liked Master 9 for the dark background/transparency. Also my main headphone at that time was HD800 and the combination was really good in my opinion. Will stand by it any time. However with planar headphones, @DarKu is right, it's not the best choice. It doesn't have enough spark, energy and crispiness on leading edges.

    I now own a Massdrop THX-789 and from a technical perspective, I would definitely say it's considerably better than M9: better dynamics, more details, more clarity on leading edges, better treble, etc.

    Can't wait to hear the gsx mini when @DarKu gets it :D
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  3. omniweltall
    Agree with you on the THX 789. I got the same opinion on some AGD amps that I tried.
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  4. bflat
    Any get an updated delivery date? Late Q1 is about to become early Q2!
  5. HeadAmpTeam
    Justin is working feverishly to start shipping these very soon. We aim to have all current preorders shipped within a month, so a new order now would wait about 4-6 weeks for shipment.

    The low gain setting is going to be about half or less the gain of the Gilmore Lite mk2, to give more range with IEM's. The amp circuit gives a more linear volume scale across the volume control, so it doesn't ramp up the volume quite as quickly as our other amps. This should also help with efficient headphones/IEM's to have more usable range on the volume knob. Justin has set up the gain structure to cover as many bases as possible, but the very most edge case situations (I.E. a super-efficient IEM, with balanced drive, from a very loud source), might have less than ideal amount of volume knob range, but if someone knows they need optimal performance in that situation, they should look into the GS-X mk2, with its' 3-way gain featuring unity (i.e. 1x gain) at low-gain.
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  6. purk Contributor
    Glad he is working hard on it trying to perfect the amp! I waited awhile for my BHSE, Aristaeus, and GSX and headamp and they are worth the wait. There is no need for him to rush the product if he can make it even better.
  7. ksorota
    Very excited about this amp... I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

    @HeadAmpTeam Any chance you received the red and polished silver face plates yet to show the last two colors?

  8. deafenears
    @HeadAmpTeam & @justin w. ,

    Any plans of releasing a version/option without a volume control for those with DACs that already has that ability? One is to help reduce what's in the signal path and another to bring down the cost for those who do not need it putting it within budget.
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  9. Icenine2
    I'll field this. No.
  10. MattTCG
    I have to say that there is an inherent danger in this design choice for several reasons. First of all, how many people are buying a flagship fullsized desktop amp for their iems (sensitive or othewise)? I have the Andromeda and I would never ever, under any circumstances assume that the gs-x mini or similar amp would work well with them. It's pretty much understood that a good DAP is the way to go with iems these days. And, if I wanted to possibly use a desktop amp like the mini with iems, I would plan to use an impedance adapter (ifi iematch) by default to avoid setting my expensive iems on fire or worse.

    Now secondly, the gain on a desktop amp such an important decision. Look at the monoprice Liquid Plantinum which is a great amp. It has no gain switch and the fixed gain is set too high. Effectively this ruins a wonderful desktop amp for a majority of users unless you are willing to now buy a pre amp with analogue volume control or buy some similar device. My concern is that headphones that are modest to drive (hd650) will not get up to full volume on low gain and will need high gain on the mini. And then for headphones that need more power they would simply not be a good match for the mini. I'd prefer low gain to effectively power the hd650 and the like and high gain in my pocket for harder to drive headphones. That's what I look for in a desktop amp fwiw.

    Anyway, this is just speculation on my part.
  11. lentoviolento
    am i wrong or the price got higher?
  12. MattTCG
    Same price. $1800 for standard pot version and $2k for DACT pot.
  13. lentoviolento
    it's a great piece of work.. but since i tried tubes... i am a little esitant about spending this kind of money on the same old SS neutral sound... we ll see
  14. Icenine2
    I don’t consider this expensive (Luxman is) and SS do not all sound the same.
  15. bochawa
    For anyone else on the fence like me, I just noticed this on the AXPONA site:

    Special Events / Show Specials / Giveaways
    HeadAmp offers AXPONA attendees 10% off any amplifier ordered at the show, please consult Peter James at our booth to redeem this offer.
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