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New Amp from HeadAmp - GS-X Mini

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Rhamnetin, Jul 8, 2018.
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  1. purk Contributor
    We all hear a little differently so I suggest one to audition the GSX Mk2 and GSX mini for yourself. What I do know is Justin is a perfectionist and his products looks and sound amazing but also will last a long time. Be patience and let Justin perfect the Mini!
  2. bflat
    Headamp offers a 30 day return minus shipping cost. Plenty of time to try it out and only risk $20-30 for return shipping. I think this is the ideal way to audition because you will have your specific equipment and a quiet exclusive environment. It also helps not worrying about a sales person hovering over you or another customer waiting for you to be done. Trade shows are purely meant to get you to buy on just emotion rather than audition IMHO.
  3. Icenine2
    Does anyone have an opinion on the Chord Hugo TT 2 as a one box? Guy over at Audiophile Style (Computer Audiophile) is bailing on his Cavalli Liquid Gold and going with this maintaining it's just as good. I have no evidence it does not but a believer you need separate DAC and Amp. Really thinking about going with the G-mini here but the Hugo is in the back of my head now.
  4. bflat
    Careful, you are heading into a dangerous direction. First you will think $5900 for an all in one is not bad. Then you will see that a used Dave goes for only $1500 more. Then you'll start thinking what about MScaler for another $5000?

    You end up spending $12K when all you originally wanted was a $2K amp LOL
  5. Icenine2
    Damn b if you aren’t right! I still don’t believe the Hugo has as good a headphone section. Plus the mini looks too cool
  6. Fatdoi
    Chord is strange niche, it splits opinion ppl love or dislike their products...

    To invest such amount on the item, a thorough audition is a must to fully satisfy your requirements

    Others opinions are more like distraction as it needs to tick your boxes not ours...
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
  7. Icenine2
    Absolutely right. I hope at some point to check them out. My interest has ebbed in the past day and I think I’m back to normal
  8. Icenine2
    Anyone have a picture of this other than Blue or Black? I'd like to see a Red one.
  9. Icenine2
    Oh Hell..........on the website he has Purple.......
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  10. Icenine2
    I just saw a used Dave on Audigon for $5900
  11. mixman
    Great amps. Heard one at CanJam powering a Susvara fine, and those need damn near nuclear reactors to sound their best. Not sure if the Susvara would have sounded even better with something a bit more beefy, but it did sound pretty good with the mini never the less.
  12. Mrstump5
    So I just bought a metrum pavane and ambre. Now I'm looking for a solid state amp to pair with it for my hd800S and zmf aeolus. I'm considering the gs-x mini or the mk2. Kinda scared to get mk2 heard its shouty glary and bright.
  13. SalR406
    For what it's worth, I just spent some time listening to a GS-X Mk2 at CanJan NYC. While I'm familiar with the consensus on the boards about it being bright, that wasn't my experience. I'd expect it's dependent on phones and source and listener preferences like anything else. It sounded smooth and clear through my Sennheiser HD650s. I will also say that the build quality and ergonomics are top-notch. The choice of faceplate color is fun. The unit at the show was purple. (I don't think that affected sonic performance.)
  14. Icenine2
  15. Arniesb
    Why you dont go for Pass Labs Hpa-1 or Niimbus Us4? Didnt heard any negative comments about any of them.
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