New amazing PDAA called Amp3 form hisoundaudio
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Oct 1, 2007
I must admit when I first got this player I thought it was just another player to demo. Jack from hisoundaudio was so excited about his product that I said, what the harm, right?

WRONG, lots of harm because I can put it down, Clearly so far the best portable mp3 device that I have ever hear. Jack also told me that it's important to use the included ear buds. Now I'm thinking the ear buds that come with an iPod. Most of us are in this obsession to avoid these ear buds. The buds match the player and was advised to give it a whirl.

I was WRONG again!! Jack filled up 200 sounds. I plugged on the cans and all of a sudden total ear candy...Yum.


I'm testing a black player currently, not the silver pictured.

A quote from Jack:

PDAA means portable, Digital,Acoustic, Amplifier, All-purposed, Affordable hi fi portable player. PDAA have the following key features:
Portable: Measurement with 74mm X 40mmX 20mm, weight only 100 gram, Maybe the most compact small hi fi player system in the world.

Digital: Digital is the future of hi fi audio device. The key problem of digital player need to overcome is the sound quality. PDAA has combined the sounds merits of digital and analog player. which can reproduce very sweet, warm, and detailed sound with clear and wide stage image.

Acoustic; The most difficulty segment for a small compact player is the sound quality. PDAA have solved the problem of noise floor and other problem, Make the sound quality of PDAA up to the hi end CD player grade.

Amplifier: PDAA integrated an individual hi fi earphone amplifier, it can works with any internal ,and external sound source, Such as the IPOD, PC video, Game player, or so.

All-purposed: PDAA is the milestone of the audio history. which combine the functions of self-sound-source ( mp3 player, FM radio,), hi fi individual amplifier, self-powered( 1800MA rechargeable battery), FM radio, E-book, recording( some models), SD micro memory card. PDAA is the only portable hi fi player come with a hi fi earphone. Plus a built in 4gb drive.

Affordable: With a very cheap price you can get :a hi fi earphone, hi fi portable player + MP3 player + FM radio+ memory card + 1800MA battery +sweet sound quality. PDAA is the most affordable hi fi player system in the world.

PDAA is definitely the next generation portable hi fi player.

Photo to follow. I might need security at Can Jam since this might end up in someone's pocket!! LOL

This will be demo at Can Jam and 2 players will be raffled plus maybe some extra ear buds. I'm so blown away with the SQ from ths player.

Intro price is still under under consideration. Most likely around $150~....

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