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Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Aug 16, 2011.
  1. KB Contributor
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  2. kilspeed111
    This is great, too bad when looking for the Audeze LCD-XC, it costs 1799 euro's. If i'd get it shipped from the US, it would only cost me 1417 euro's (The total headphone package, an extra bottle of special cleaning oil and the shipping costs all included).
    Edit: Just noticed this is a pretty old thread, sorry if i'm annoying anyone by reviving it.
  3. KB Contributor
    True but if you import them import customs and duties would push your purchase over 1799 euros. 
    You are not annoying anyone :wink:
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  4. kilspeed111
    Before starting this post, i'd like to say it's great that a company answers it's customers posts on this forum.
    Now off with the post.
    Is here a way you can see how much these import customs and duties would cost me? I've never heard of them before, but i've also never bought a product from another country.
    Thanks in advance :)
    PS: My english isn't the best so I didn't fully understand the thread, is soundconsult a store of yours, or simply sells a few products of yours?
    Edit: If i did my research right, it costs me 2% import costs, + 21% VAT Costs? If yes, it'll cost me 1742,91 euro's.. For those 50 euro's i'd rather get it from Soundconsult so i don't have to wait for weeks.
  5. hoosterw

    Not entirely correct,
    You would probably pay 4.2% import duties, its the judgement of the customs under which category the goods fall. 4.2% is for final luxury goods, the lowers are for half-products.
    Then you get the costs for the transport company for declaring and handling the custom and over the total comes 21% VAT.
    You can check at
    For lower amounts you can try, some times they just let it pass and you pay nothing but for bigger packages like these they get often checked.
    My advise is to go through a local dealer. much better on service, warranty etc. etc.
    Groeten uit Nuenen!
  6. kilspeed111
    Thanks for your reply,
    Since I posted here, I've had some contact with SoundConsult, who changed my mind about which headphone I'm going to get. I'll probably be buying a Maddog V3.2, along with an ALO National amp, A Cypherlabs Algorythym Solo -dB and an ALO greenline mini-mini. The package was carefully picked together by the guys at SoundConsult, and I'll have a chance to demo it next month!
    Groeten uit Graauw! (Een dorpje in het zuiden van zeeland)
  7. frankraindog
    Hello Alo,
    there is no Website on this Domain. Can you tell me if this retailer is still working for you or name some other Europan Dealer / Retailer?
  8. hoosterw

    They have gone out of this business. You better try or both good and reliable companies, I know both owners. No idea if they sell ALO, but they do sell a lot of good headphone stuff in NL.
    rgds Hans.
  9. KB Contributor
    Yes sadly Soundconsult is no longer operating.
    Audiogarden has some inventory I believe.
    Audio Garden
    Audio Garden
    06 rue hippolyte lebas
    75009 Paris
    tel :
    mail :

    But we sadly do not have any representation in the NL.
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  10. PAM005

    Dear Hans,
    There also could be another option :wink: - maybe they changed priorities and do focus on other business! When you see market change, you'll have to anticipate before market does decide for you. @frankraindog YES, Audiogarden does stock some ALO items...
    rgrds Harald
  11. hoosterw

    Dear Harald, sorry for the wrong use of words. I have edited my post accordingly.
    Rgds Hans
  12. PAM005

    Dear Hans,
    No problem at all - that's why i did use smilley! Enjoy your business and our shared hobby!
  13. frankraindog
    Thx for mentioning audiogarden. So I've found what I'm looking for.
  14. frankraindog
    deleted, as I've could solve the question how to reach 

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