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New AKG K495 and K490 Noise Cancelling Cans

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by astroid, Mar 15, 2012.
  1. astroid
    These look nice!
    K490 top ,K495 bottom 
  2. astroid
    red and blue is noise cancelling on , green and orange with it off
  3. ipromesisposi
  4. eddyen
    Had a chance to listen to the 490's and what impressed me was the barely noticable difference with the NC turned off or on.  Unforutnately, didn't get to listen to them long enough to get further impression on the SQ.
  5. FenderP
    I have the K490NC. It's fairly neutral, and unlike most NC headphones, the NC effect doesn't really mess up the sound. I also have the MDR-NWNC200 which is made for the Sony Z Walkman (I have the Z1070) which uses the built-in NC of the Walkman in conjunction with the MDR-NWNC200. At the end of the day, the K490 does a decent job with NC. I feel the NWNC200s do a bit better job, but are also more uncomfortable for longer periods. The K490NC is more neutral and a bit bass-light in comparison, whereas the NWNC200 is a bit bloated but not bad for what it is. At the right price (I paid $250), the K490 is a pretty good deal. I'm curious to hear the K495 which supposedly has more bass but unlike the K490, not as good w/o the NC function turned on. I'm also intrigued by the upcoming Sony MDR-1RNC, but the K490 is a small and light headphone while the 1RNC looks MUCH bigger. Just as an FYI, I've tried it on planes and trains since I travel quite a bit.
  6. Stuge
    I just wrote a bit about the K 490 NC here:
  7. keppa
    I've now given these k495's for a week to listen to, and have to say that this difference between noise cancelling on and off. Sure there's a difference when swithing between on and off, but it is really a minor one and doesn't atleast affect the amount of bass like many have complained. Don't know if this is something that gets worse during more burn in, or have they been tweaking the build since introduction? Atleast the cushions on the ones I have are a little different than one the ones shown in the picture there?

    Could be that I have freaky pair of headphones or deaf ears when it comes to bass. Happy with either if so.
  8. keppa
    Seriously, a half-a-year later and the plastic bit right in the very end of the phone gets broken. And no abuse on these phones whatsoever. Do seriously hope that these get repaired/replaced and that this isn't a common thing that will happen again in the future again. Or does anybody have idea is this common problem with these?
  9. switch900
    Hey Keppa,
    I've broke two pairs in five months! Snapped at the same place as yours. I returned the first pair and the retailer replace them. Just took the second pair in last week and got a refund! It's definitely a flaw in the construction/materials used.
    checkout this review and look at the comments section.
    I also wrote an email to AKG regarding the breakage this is their respond:
    Dear Mr. ....,
    We are sorry for your inconvenient experience with the AKG K 495.
    The headphone is improved in production over time. We recommend that you return it to the dealer where you bought it from.
    Best regards,
    Email: hcicustsupp6@harman.com
    Web: www.harman.com
    Customer Support
    Harman Consumer Division
    Good luck!
  10. Z3BR4
    I just purchased k495's as well! Got them last week and I have been listening to them frequently. The build quality is outstanding (at least it appears to be, yours didn't fare so well.) I'm pretty gentle with headphones so I'm hoping I won't encounter the snapping issue you guys have!

    I don't notice a HUGE difference between the NC being on and off. When NC is on, it gets a little cloudy with bass. The "hiss" of the NC isn't noticeable, at least not in comparison to what I've heard on other cans. I haven't had a chance to test the NC ability beyond the hum of my computer or muffled sounds coming from the living room but so far so good. 

    I can see some differences in the ones I received vs the ones pictured in the OP. I have different earpads, they're much more cusioned.. More like the 490's. The leather overall on mine appears "flatter" in color and the charge/headphone jack isn't as recessed. It also has markings that indicate the power limitations. It appears to me that there has been some positive developments in the design aspects. I can't say for sure about the audio though. I still need to give these a proper burn in.
    Mine appear to be the same as these:
  11. keppa
    Thank you for your post!

    This is exactly what I fear, that these headphones just have a design flaw in the construction and this will happen again in future. And I have to pinpoint that these have mostly been in use at work and therefor have experienced very little stress. And when they have been with me on a trip, they've always been carried in the box they came with. So I wouldn't in no way say that the way I have held them has led to this and therefor I'm seriously thinking of letting these go and look for something else since I don't want to be burning in my headphones all the time.
    Sound and noise canceling wise these have well suited my use, and as I didn't experience any major changes on the sound wether the NC is on or off and been very happy for it. Shame for the construction though.
  12. keppa
    After doing some googling around I'm turning towards the new Harman Kardon NC. I suggest it wouldn't be a suprise that these share quite alot parts with the AKG, so somewhat similar sound signature might occur. And from looking at pictures it seems like those would have a bit less plastic in them. But will have to and see/hear them somewhere. But if anyone has any has any experience then please do share. Or maybe I would have to start a new topic about them.
  13. gawdfryhogun
    This is a flawed product. the plastic arms just above the ear cups are liable to break within 6 months. I have encountered this twice and would like to present photographic proof as follows:
    AKG K495NC purchased on 03 Dec 2012.
    First failure on 22 Feb 2013 (within 3 months of purchase), photograph at: http://postimg.org/image/qr9h70p05/
    The local distributor very kindly and politely replaced with brand new set, no questions asked, within 3 days of first product failure.
    This replacement headphone then went on to fail on 09 Jul 2013 (within 5 months), photograph at: http://postimg.org/image/8vfn5uedh/
    I have given up on this product, even if the distributor wants to replace it again, I don't want it. I'll just have another product failure within 6 months. 
  14. Claws
    I just experienced the very same problem with the headphones breaking at the same spot. I just contacted my local AKG support and hopefully they will replace them, but from Reading up on the web I do not really have high hopes that they will last for long.
    I really liked the sound of them and the Comfort, but I am a bit worried from reading about the the build quality.
  15. will-1994
    Hi guys, sorry to resurrect an old thread but I thought it was better than starting a new one!
    I really thought I'd found the perfect pair of headphones to buy for me until I read about the common fault. 
    Does anyone know if this has been fixed in newer models yet?
    Any updates on your replacement pairs yet?
    Some pictures online seem to show Aluminium look, silver adjustable bands, whereas, your pairs that have been breaking look to be black plastic. Do you think this is the way of differentiating the newer/fixed pairs?
    There's a link to see the Aluminium look band I mean. 
    Cheers, Will

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