New $20K Ultrasone Volcano headphone amp
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Dec 1, 2005
Ultrasone announced the Volcano, a new build-to-order $20K vacuum tube headphone amp with a lifetime warranty. It is a pure headphone amp with no digital section.



From an article:

The Bavaria-based headphone manufacturer just introduced a new high end product to complement its existing high-end Edition Series headphones. Believers and enthusiasts of carefully designed tube circuits, Ultrasone hand-picked all components, including the tubes and an oversized toroidal transformer, making sure the Volcano would deliver a strong combination of sound and power delivery (60 watts).

From the Ultrasone website:

This amplifier is built to last. We want to underline this with a lifetime warranty. Military technology and high-end audio components combined in a 7.55 kg tube amplifier as a sound miracle without sacrificing style.
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It delivers 600mw, not 60w.
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Yes, it would make sense for them to show internal pictures. They don’t say what kind of tubes are used either. Definitely not enough details, especially if you are going to spend 20K.
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So let me get this :rolling_eyes:....

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Hey everybody it is done with « military technology », finally 20k is a good price
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I can get 9 HK416 for that price under the government contract, which will be much more fun!

HK416 should have strong bass !!!
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Ultrasone is the Goldmund of head-fi.

Goldmund charges $250,000 a pair for these abominations of design. :poop:

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