New $200 Dunu DN-1000 IEMs have an annoying hiss/hum even with my FIIO E07K dac/amp. Help!
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New Head-Fier
Sep 21, 2015
I just got these and when I used them on my laptop they sounded good but had a noticeable hiss when the volume was anything other than 0. It was much more noticeable than my previous, $10 earbuds. The weird thing is, when I tried them with my FIIO E07K, the hiss was still there, and it's there even when the FIIO isn't connected (via usb) to my laptop. What's even weirder is that when I plug the FIIO into my laptop, sometimes I start hearing crackling/popping noises through the earphones. Even when I don't plug in the usb all the way and touch it to the metal on my laptop's usb port it starts crackle popping. And what's eeeeven weirder is that when I plug my other, cheaper, earbuds into the other headphone out jack on the FIIO, the crackling stops but the hiss is still there. It's really frustrating and it's just so weird that I have no idea what to do. Anyone have any suggestions or had the same situation? I have headphones and other cheaper earbuds and I have never had this problem before with this amp.
edit: Oh and when I used the earbuds on my phone I get no hiss, no problems.

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