Never Miss It! HIFIMAN Giving Away Free Gifts

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  1. Kamakahah
    Don't currently own any Hifiman products, but I'd like to.

    Thanks for offering up this giveaway. Very generous, and happy Valentines.
  2. vian

    Hifiman HE-500
    Hifiman RE-400
  3. Jolfr
    Don't own anything from Hifiman yet, but I would love to!
  4. KT66
    Already follow on facebook and twitter

    Currently have
    HM-901 plus minibox

    Used to have 801

    and I got my wife's boss to buy some RE600s last week,
    that must be worth extra points!
  5. MoatsArt
    Is this give away open to international Headfiers, or is it restricted to the good people of Yemen?
  6. MrMcMister
    Haven't owned any Hifiman products as of yet, but I plan to pick up some RE-400s when I have the cash to spare. It would be really nice to win any of these prizes instead of having to wait.
  7. vanchai
    I have RE-400 with HM-650.
  8. Mike-WI
    HE-560 arrived today (from Geek bundle).
    However, my Emotiva DC-1 Stealth DAC has small headphone outs...Argh.
  9. 7UPguy
    I don't own any HIFIMAN products yet, but I wish I did. [​IMG]
    P.S. Please pick me.
  10. VintageSTX
    Thanks Dr. Fang and HiFiman! liked on facebook and followed on twitter! 
    Highly considering purchasing the HE-560!
  11. chowmein83
    Already liked you guys on Facebook and just followed you on Twitter!
    I actually already own the HE-400i, but it would be nice to receive one of your IEMs. Hopefully I'm one of the lucky winners!
  12. PRaT
    Haven't owned Hifiman products yet but I sure would love to!
  13. epkrnftblluva
    Followed and followed! Used to have a he400 it would be awesome to get any of these earphones!
  14. StephenG
    A big fan of HiFiMAN cans!

    Currently own HE-400, HE-500, HE-560 & RE-400.

    Would love to add HE-400i to the collection! :p
  15. RAZRr1275
    Used to own the HE-6
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