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Neutral Sounding Portable Closed Headphones

  1. Mhog55
    I don't have a problem with sound leaking in, or the headband. But I baby them because their is little doubt in my mind that it wouldn't take much for it to snap. Not a headphone I'd want to drop, or excessively stretch
  2. harry501501
    The only headphone I personally consider wearing out are my Soundmagic HP100 as they are super comfy and don't look absurd to passers by. I wouldn't say neutral, but they're not bass heavy and have great balance from sub bass, great mid-bass and good treble extension. Great all rounder. well within your budget.

    For totally neutral i suppose Shure 840 fits but they're not totally over ear.

    Maybe look in to 1More Triple Driver Over Ear also
  3. soundsop
    Took a look and they actually seem (from photos) on the large side for wearing out. I'm curious what would be on the absurd side?
  4. ammthe
    have you tried these two? they are both lightweight, foldable/collapsible, under $300, over ear, closed back, fairly neutral.
    NAD Viso HP50
    1More Triple Driver - a lil bit more bass emphasis.
  5. stevens02
    Both the NAD Viso and 1More Triple look tempting. How do they compare to the Beoplay H6 2nd gens? I actually have a pair the Beoplays right now, but I have some popping/crackling sounds during playback at slightly higher volumes. I thought it was a problem with the headphones, which is why I'm looking for another pair. I could also do with a better fit/seal.

    However, I tried listening to them again, and it seems like they only had issues on certain tracks/file types. Now I'm wondering if my files are corrupt. So confusing.

    My source: Shanling M0 running FW 2.0
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  6. Mhog55
    I can't consider the 1mores neutral. The mids are too scooped. There more like a V shape - done right. The H6 is much closer to neutral imo. Much more balanced. I haven't heard the Nad Viso, but it looks to ugly and awkward for me to even consider. Especially as a portable
  7. stevens02
    The H6 is a real looker. Have you heard of any issues with crackling noises at higher volumes?? I'm also thinking about getting an impedance adapter.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  8. ammthe
    sorry i only recommended ones under $300.
    for under $400, you already got B&O H6? I would recommend that and also check out Bower Wilkins P7 as well.
  9. stevens02
    I actually got one used, in "like new" condition (it was around $240ish). I didn't get it for the retail price.
  10. starstern
    Cowon Plenue Series and Hifiman HM-901 anyone comments about those ?
  11. Mhog55
    Nope, not yet - knock on wood

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