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Neutral IEM's up to around £300/$400

  1. cobhc2013
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a fairly neutral pair of IEM's to replace my Shure SE425's which are falling apart.

    I do have custom sleeves for my current IEM's which I have become used to and so would like to either go CIEM or look at a pair where I could get something like the Snugs tips to go with them.

    These will be driven by a Radsone ES100 and I would prefer a replaceable cable if possible.
  2. takeitblue
    If you have your custom sleeves, first that naturally comes to my mind under 'neutral' tag is Etymotic
    Try the ER4 or go cheaper with ER3, HF3...
  3. cobhc2013
    They're definitely on my hitlist. The custom sleeves I have are ACS ones which I don't think will fit any other IEM, unless I'm mistaken?
  4. BananaOoyoo
    If you're looking for neutral, ER4 (SR for flat, XR for slight bass boost) is the obvious recommendation. If you like something brighter, AAW AXH is a decent option (they offer both universal and custom versions), and if you want to go higher-end, then you could take a look at the Hidition NT6 or Viento-R (they also offer both, but I don't recommend the universal fit). For the Viento, you could go switchless to avoid burning as big a hole in your wallet, in which case I'd say you'd probably want to look at the Viento-A or Viento-B.
  5. cobhc2013
    I keep looking at the ER4XR but I would definitely need to go with some custom tips, I don't think I can go back to shoving big foam or silicon tips into my ears that either end up hurting or getting stuck in there.

    Any recommendations for custom tips/sleeves in the UK for the Ety's?
  6. serman005
    Oriveti New Primacy worth a look

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