Neutral headphones with slight bass bump

  1. jaemitchell2000
    Neutral headphones with slight bass bump. Portable would be a plus.
  2. Cruelhand Luke
    price? open or closed back? Do you have an amp or will it be out of a phone?
  3. jaemitchell2000
    $100-$200 closed back headphones that will be driven out of my phone
  4. bcaulf17
  5. serman005
    1More Triple Driver Over-Ear is worth a read, IMO. A bit over budget. There is also the SoundMAGIC HP151. Also worth a look-see. Very nice.
  6. jaemitchell2000
    Soundmagic hp151 look interesting but people say they break a lot in the reviews on amazon
  7. Poimandres
    Take a look at the PSB M4U 4’s. Currently 149 and one of the best iems I ha e heard to date.
  8. Mhog55
    Beoplay H6 2nd generation
  9. rredge
    Two suggestions...

    Keep an eye out for Sennheiser’s HD 7 or HD 8 DJ headphones, both of which have been discontinued. I just purchased the HD 8, which was selling for $390, for $148. B&H offered it on one of its 24 hour sales. It is currently selling the HD 8 for $230.

    The HD 8 is extremely well-built and comes with two cables, two sets of earpads and a very nice hard case. Spare parts should be available for a long time.

    Also, Bang & Olufsen has discontinued all of its Beoplay wired headphones. I have the H6 (first generation) and really like it, although I can’t say that it stresses bass. I’d keep an eye out for the H6 over the next few months. There may be some very good pricing.
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  10. bcaulf17
    The big difference between the two H6 versions was the added (sub) bass in the Gen 2 version. The mid bass is actually a tad recessed so they’re not very punchy but they have good low end extension and rumble. If neutrality is your thing, either version of the H6 is good, Gen 2 just pumped up the bass and efficiency without an amp.
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  11. rredge
    People who have a problem with Bang & Olufsen as a brand should watch metal571’s review of the H6 (second generation) on YouTube.

    Despite being discontinued, current pricing remains up there at about US$300, which is $100 more than jaemitchell2000 is prepared to spend. At $200, which we may see from some sources in the next couple of months, they are a really, really good deal. Just realise that things like replacement earpads, being real leather, aren’t cheap.

    That said, my Miniature Schnauzer decided that my H6 headphones, which I had placed on the floor, were a toy and had a great time chewing up one of the earpads. Bang & Olufsen’s NY store, when I explained what happened, replaced the victimised earpad for free :)
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  12. bcaulf17
    They do get great reviews, the only major audiophile reviewer I know of that didn’t like them was Tyll, and that was the first gen version. I got my pair for $250 at the B&O store. I went in to try them and was really impressed, but they were listed as $300...then the sales guy mentioned they were “actually on sale” for $250 and I couldn’t really say no. Yes, for that price and even for $300 I found them to be very good. Great sound and quality materials, and they’re very handsome.
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