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Neumann NDH 20

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FullBright1, Jan 26, 2019.
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  1. FullBright1
    These are designed as studio monitors.

    Here is a write up ...
    """" The Neumann acoustic engineers took the historically awesome Sennheiser HD 650 as their sonic reference point, re-balancing the sound to squeeze out the added bass warmth from the 650s and achieve a balanced tuning that’s as faithful as possible to the original recording. This is where the “pro” element of these headphones comes through."""

    ""Neumann states, while many other closed-back headphones produce "nasty resonances" in the midband, the NDH 20 produces an "astonishingly detailed, well-balanced sound image." With newly-designed high-gauss neodymium magnets providing both high sensitivity and minimal distortion, the result is a superior sound that you can trust, similar Neumann's high-end monitors""

    There is one credible video review online and the reviewer cites their sound as dead flat and amazing.

    The cans’ frequency response is rated at 5Hz to 30kHz
    The NDH 20 implements newly designed 38mm driver with high-gauss neodymium magnets for high sensitivity and low distortion. According to Neumann, these drivers eliminate the need for a dedicated headphone amplifier as they can be just as easily powered by mobile devices like smartphones and laptop computers.

    So, one review says they are dead flat, and one says they are treble enhanced.
    I suspect that once again, this is totally related to the gear being used, with the "treble enhanced" reviewer using something that is SS and bass lean.
    I'll be using a Oppo SE-BDP 63 and a Headroom Max, both set to flat.

    I'll let you know.
    I"ll have them soon, and will post a first impression on Wed 1-30, if not earlier. -


    • NDH 20
    Wearing style Headband
    Foldable Yes
    Ear coupling Circumaural
    Acoustic principle Dynamic Closed
    Transducer diameter 38 mm (1 1/2")
    Transducer magnet Neodymium
    Diaphragm material Duofol
    Transducer protection Cloth covered grille
    Nominal Impedance 150 Ohms
    Frequency response 5 ... 30,000 Hz
    Sensitivity at 1 kHz/1 Vrms 114 dB SPL (1 kHz, 1 Vrms)
    Max input power handling 1000 mW
    Continuous input power handling 200 mW
    THD at 1 kHz and 100 dB SPL <0.10%
    Sound isolation >34 dB (>4 kHz)
    Cable entry Single sided, right ear cup
    Connectivity 3.5 mm (1/8") TRS jack plug (straight), adapter for 6.3 mm (1/4")
    Cable length Spiraled 1.5 - 3.0 m (5' - 10'), Straight 3.0 m (10')
    Cable weight Spiraled 100 g (3.5 oz), Straight 60 g (2.1 oz)
    Ear cup contact pressure 5.5-6.8 N
    Weight excluding cable 390 g (13 3/4 oz)
    Detachable cable Yes
    Replaceable earpads Yes
    Colours - headband RAL 9006 White Aluminium / RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
    Colours - ear cups RAL 9006 White Aluminium
    Colours - ear pads RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey / RAL 2011 Deep orange
    Colours - cable RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
    Materials - headband Spring steel strip, aluminium and plastic fittings, plastic trimming
    Materials - ear cups Aluminium
    Materials - ear pads Cloth covered memory foam




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  2. alphanumerix1
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  3. Roderick
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  4. FullBright1
    Different drivers.
    Different enclosures.
    Different pads.
    Different cables(s)
    Different Headphones.

    Maybe you should be more careful before you pass useless judgement.?
    Try reading the book and not just look at the cover....:)

    "but fullbright, i read online that someone else said they are the sennheiser hd630dvd, so, i needed to come and say this also".

    = yawn.....:)

    Think and literally DISCOVER = for yourself.
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  5. FullBright1

    And i hope they sound as good as advertised, or as good as this reviewer stated....
    I'm always excited to find a closed headphone that has the potential to sound great.
    I hope so..
    I"ll know in about 2 days.......:)
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  6. SilverEars
    I've been noticing closed studio monitors. By referring to headphones for studio monitors means, it's the monitor used by the vocalist? Real monitoring is done with speakers, no?
  7. Roderick
    you are correct. It is obviously different headphone. Internet&alcohol don't mix. Sorry.
  8. FullBright1
    Monitoring is the act of listening to something specific.

    For example........if you use Dynaudio speakers to listen to your CD collection, you are "monitoring" your CD collection using your Dynaudio speakers.

    IF you use Sennheiser HD6's to listen to the same CDs, you are now "monitoring" (listening critically) to your collection.

    So, "monitoring", can be casual or critical LISTENING..........but in both cases, its the idea of hearing thru a product...........can be speakers, ear buds, car stereo, home stereo, or headphones...etc.

    "studio monitors"..........the context is critical listening to music as a way to mix or master or record...

    In all cases "monitoring" is listening using a playback device thru a product that lets you hear what is being played back.
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  9. FullBright1
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  10. SonyFan121
    The frame/housing of the headphone looks the same to me, thus the chances are it will share some similar sound characteristics with the HD630VB.
  11. FullBright1
    The HD 630DVB has a frame that is not the same.
    The drivers are not the same.
    The cups are not the same.
    The band is slightly different.
    The Neumann has a detachable cable, so for this to be a fact, means the frame is different to ALLOW IT.
    The HD63DVB, has a frame that is designed with a movable outer cap that allows for rotation to dial in more or less Bass.
    Do, you see that on this Frame?
    So, you are confused ,i think, because both headphones share the same color.....:wink:
    Nothing else is identical.
    But yes, the color, the material used for the frame, is similar.
    Sort of like an Apple Laptop always uses the same material for the frame, but are they all the same?
    So, ............... final answer.
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  12. FullBright1
    Here is the short review.

    Got them today, listened to them.

    I used as musical criteria :

    1. Sarah Jarosz - Album - "Build Me Up From Bones".

    2. Kandace Springs - Album - " Soul Eyes "

    3. Steely Dan - Album - " Aja "

    4. Omnia - Album - "Reflexions"

    5. Azam Ali - Album - "Elysium for the Brave"

    6. Corinne Bailey Ray - Album - "Corinne Bailey Ray"

    7. Marketa Irglova - Album - "Muna"

    Ok, let me get right to it.

    The Box is one piece, shrink wrapped, and it opens like a suitcase.
    There is no box in a box.
    There is not case for the Headphones as an additional offering.
    The cables are decent +, and are rubberized, and click in the RIGHT Headphone and not the left.

    The comfort of this headphone, is a 7.5.
    Its not heavy and the pads are smaller then i expected, but not uncomfortable.
    The Headphones sound nothing like the 630VB.

    These headphones offer something unique.......it presents a very flat - neutral presentation with a lot of clarity and resolution.
    This is quite a design trick, as usually, you have more of a cloudy/veiled presentation when you have a very neutral presentation.
    In the case of these headphones, you have a very (perceived) flat response, yet, the clarity is almost hyped.

    Let me now take care of this part of the opinion piece as this will be the answers to what most of us want to know.

    Bass response..... Neutral, but not lacking, ( as you find with Aeon C). Its very clear in its presentation, while being very flat in its tonality.
    Treble response.... Neutral, without sounding rolled off., and its in this area of the Neumann's sound that is a bit of a mystery, as to have very flat treble response YET such stark clarity......is impressive
    Mids...........Musical & Neutral.

    Overall Tone of this headphone? > Flat and very clear with ample resolution and a nice soundstage for a closed set of headphones.

    Final Thoughts :

    In my opinion, this headphone is exactly what its designed to be.........a studio monitor on your head, first and foremost, and an Audiophile tool for those who prefer flat and clear, vs sweet, or rich, or overly extended.

    Playing the "Aja" album by Steely Dan is a "go to" to discern if any cans are able to dig out the bass response, as this album does not have an overly projected bass, its quite neutral....nd many headphones are lost trying to find it.
    Not so with the Neumann's, as the bass is crystal clear, yet small, as that is the sound of this Album, regarding the bass.

    The Neumann's are Interesting headphones that will appeal more to the professional recording musician, first and foremost, and also to the discriminating Audiophile who can appreciate the idea that each (Model) of (good sounding) headphones is a unique experience that is not like any other.
    These do sound good, but they have their own unique tone and appeal.
    I'd love to hear these also as an open set.
    Maybe in 2020.
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  13. hkim

    Do you need an amplifier to drive them?
    They say they should work on mobile devices and laptop computers without an amp.
    Also, are ear pads replaceable?
  14. FullBright1
    You dont need an amp to drive them, but you'll have to turn up your phone.
    Pads and wires are detachable & replaceable.
    I suspect that synthetic leather or perhaps leather pads will be an $$$$$ Option , soon.
    Also, perhaps they will make an open design available.
    Keep in mind that this set of headphones is absolutely designed with the recording musician in mind, and its sound is very flat.
    In the last 24 hrs i have burned them for about 5 hrs , with some power, and it has not really affected the treble or bass, at all.
    Still flat and neutral........and very very much so.
    This headphone has a FLAT and clear sound.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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  15. hkim
    Thank you, FullBright1.
    I'm a mix engineer and I've been waiting for closed back, flat, neutral headphones for a long time.
    It looks like finally someone has done it.
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