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Neotech Silver (24AWG 7n Pure Silver UPOCC) 2 metre headphone cabe

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  1. teknorob23
    For Sale
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    This was the last neotech cable left for me try and it's definitely case of "best till last" and its a keeper, but i need a longer cable, so this ones for sale for £45 less than the parts cost. Its currently terminated with a Rhodium plated connector at the amp end and 3.5mm mono plugs at the headphone end for for Focal Stellia, clear, elear, elegia or anything else, but i'm happy to re-terminate both ends to work with pretty much any headphone.

    This is pretty-much the best quality silver cable available and performs accordingly, with wide and deep stage, beautiful seperation, great extension at both ends and detail retrieval to match. Unlike other pure non-mono cyrstal silver cable ive bought, it has deep bass and lovely organic tone, and despite crystalline clarity its never bright. Its big talk i know, but i'm confident it outperforms every silver shop bought silver cable ive owned or heard. i'm happy for anyone to demo if you can get to KT16, Surrey (UK), or if you buy it and dont like it send it back for refund.

    Cable details:
    • Length: 2 metres
    • Wire: 4 x 24AWG (7x0.2mm strands) Neotech UPOCC High Purity 7N Silver
    • Finished: High strength, flexible paracord, heat shrink and Mundorf supreme 9.5% silver solder
    • Connectors: Rhodium Plated 6.35mm/ 2x 3.5mm mono (DM with the connectors you need.
    Any questions or specific connector requests (happy to source exotic connectors if required at your cost). Priced cover the costs of the materials and thats it, happy to ship anywhere and thanks for looking :)

    Silver 24awg 4 core 2 metre.JPG Silver 24awg 4 core 2 metre_1.JPG Silver 24awg 4 core 2 metre_2.JPG Silver 24awg 4 core 2 metre_4.JPG
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  2. teknorob23
  3. teknorob23
  4. teknorob23
  5. teknorob23
    Price Drop
  6. teknorob23
  7. teknorob23
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  8. Admiral Kolchak
    Beautiful cable Rob! Highly recommended seller
  9. teknorob23
    thank you :)
  10. teknorob23
  11. teknorob23
  12. teknorob23
  13. teknorob23

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