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Neil Young on Pono at CES 2015

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by mytek, Jan 7, 2015.
  1. Mytek
    Neil Young on Pono at CES 2015

    At this CES2015  in Las Vegas HD Tracks is hosting Mytek in the Hi-Res Audio Marketplace zone organized by CEA at the Bellini Ballroom on GND floor of Venetian. Today, in addition to a couple of hi-res panels there was a press conference with Neil Young. Neil spoke about Pono. I shot a raw video that should allow you to hear what Neil had to say:


    Happy watching. Michal at Mytek New York

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  2. Mytek
  3. chuckwheat
    I'm not so sure about the Pono player. I'm thinking a decent dac and amp and set of cans will do much more than that little yellow toblerone, but i'll try one sometime and see.
    I'm more excited about the store. I can finally get some individual 192/24 songs without buying the whole album from hdtracks.
    Just bought a few individual songs, a couple in 192, and a couple in 96 from the pono store.
    Even without whole setup of expensive audio equipment, just computer to ultrasone hfi-580s, these are the best sounding songs i've heard in a long time. :) Maybe because I don't have much higher than cd quality :p

    I think i'll like this pono thing

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