Needing help on finding a complement to my Beyer T1!
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Aug 3, 2010
Hey all,
Long time lurker and 4th time poster here. I'm currently looking at buying a hi-fi/summit fi complement to my Beyer T1. I love my T1 to bits but I am slighty underwelmed by the bass of these. Currently I have a whole lot of mid-fi can's with some pros and cons. I am currently powering my cans with a Centrance CX and a Little Dot Mk3 amp. I have plans to upgrade to the Woo Audio Wa2 in the near to mid future.
In short I want something that complements the bright T1's that I currently own. I would love something that combines both my bias's towards a large soundstage and a darker sound. I have read the HD800s will provide the soundstage that I would adore but they don't have the bass I am looking for they are probably too similar to the T1 to be a true compliment. Due to the remote location I live in (New Zealand) it is almost impossible for me to audition any high end cans before purchasing and I am relying exclusively on reviews online. I am seriously considering the LCD2.2's (pre fazor) as the compliment to the T1 but it is hard to make that decision before listening to them. I have also heard good things about the modded T50RP's from the Alpha dog primes and the ZMF Vibro's but I am hesitant to spend so much on such cheap drivers with just sonically superior earcups. Some suggestions would be appreciated here. 
Below are the mid-fi headphones of note which I have/still own but are still not filling my void...  
-X1 - too much bass quantity which bleeds into the mids. Still a nice headphone to listen to if I want to chill out at low volumes. The sound from these feel like a nice marshmellow wrap around my head
-DT990 - perfect amount of bass quantity but not as punchy as I would like.The treble can be sibilant at times and the vocals seem to be push to the background.
-MDR1R - Good for portable use as they look great and sound better than beats right? These are probably the lowest in terms of SQ in my collection
Senneheiser Momentums - great for such small portable headphones. nice and neutral without the soundstage or details that I'm used to. I found these had the best bass slam out of all of my cans (sadly these were stolen during an open home)
-Fischer Audio Fa-011 - great headphones for the price. They sound like a warmer de-tuned version of the Dt990's. I upgraded from the Fa-011 to the DT900 about 4 years ago and I was stoked! 
-Fischer Audio Fa-002W- another great entrance level headphone. Very neutral with bass on tap if I needed. These don't sound like a closed headphone. These are great allrounders that do everything. However these are lacking to the T1s in every department. They were great for me as my 2nd headphone when I started out.
-He400 - great headphone. Love the signature. However I have gotten bored of these. Might be a case of the Upgraditis....
I would love to hear an recommendations from you guys.
Thanks in advance! 

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