Need your opinions on Sennheiser's HD595
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Jul 31, 2010
Ok, so here's the deal.
All my life I've been listening to music through some crap quality earphones and headphones (my current headphones cost me like $20) and now I'm actually ready for a change. I want to see what it is that audiophiles see in expensive headphones, so I chose to go with something like the HD595. It's a pretty big jump for me but from all the reviews I've read of it it does seem like something that's worth it. I'm mostly going to be listening with my iPod for when I go to work, and at home while I'm gaming and things like that.
However, I have one concern. I understand that there will be leaked sound but I want to know how bad the sound leak is. I hear a lot of bad remarks about the sound leaking and I want to know if this is exaggeration or if it really is that bad. I'd rather not annoy the people around me with my music, lol (considering I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly rap).
Also, one more thing. The Sennheiser HD555 also seems like a good choice to me and it is much cheaper. Is the difference really worth the $100 or not in your opinion, and if not please explain why.
Thank you kindly.

PS: I'm also looking for a new mic for gaming and preferably a clip on one, but I have no idea where to look. I'm currently situated in Canada if that matters.

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