Need web host recommendations
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Nov 6, 2003
I am trying to redo a website for my family's business. We have used a webhost called Modwest for about 6 years. I set up the site in college, and haven't looked at it for quite some time. Recently our development company has prospered and have built our first hotel. It is imperative that I get the website renovated and up to date to continue with our upcoming projects. I have decided to leave Modwest due to the fact that they have not added any storage space or extra amenities to our original agreement. They are far behind being competitive now for the price as a result.

I do not need a lot of storage for the website itself, but it would be nice to have at least a few gigs for backup purposes and various large picture uploads to interested investors for sales purposes. Up time is very important, and especially reliable email service, as the domain will be the main email service for every member of my family. Customer support is a very important factor, as I will be relearning many of the aspects of web site design and creation. The ability to host multiple domains on the same account is also required.

My plan is to sign up to a webhost that has a good website builder to start off with. This will serve the purpose of giving a refreshing look to the company website as well as updating the content. As soon as I have that finished, I will start building a new, custom website to be the final version and publish it when it is ready.

So, if you have any recommendations of good hosts, I would be very appreciative. I doubt that the site will get lots of traffic, so as long as the monthly bandwidth isn't too prohibitive, most general limits should be fine. Thanks in advance!
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Sep 1, 2005
I use I host two websites - a family one which is pretty static except for the blog, and a store one with a large and changing inventory and pictures galore. I think the fees are $29.95 a month (the "Webmaster" account level? been a long time since I signed up) and I've never exceeded bandwidth in 5+ years of maintaining both sites. Not sure if they have a design feature; I use FrontPage, since we're a Microsoft family. You get tons of email boxes and they have spam filters and so forth in case your desktop program doesn't. I recommend them highly.


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