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Need USB cable. Does USB cable make a differences

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by jhin, Jul 20, 2013.
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  1. proton007
    Sorry. If you understand the theory of digital communication, you'd know that digital has a pass/fail requirement. There's no good/better in terms of cables. If a digital cable meets a spec, it does.
  2. xnor
    Lappy27, ignoring #131?
    No, only closed-minded people stick with their position despite all the evidence.
    As soon as evidence turns up that a certified USB cable causes audible differences we accept it and happily change our mind.
    "Doing [I guess you mean proving] their claims with real world experimentation"??? Are you serious?
    It's the audiophiles making claims that USB cables makes a difference. The rest REJECT that claim due to lack of evidence.
    The results are not surprising if your "testing" did not include basic honesty controls that eliminate bias. If you really did an honest comparison you could tell me the cables you compared, the test setup, test procedure and results including their statistical significance.
    A sole "I think I heard a difference therefore there is a difference" is pure self-delusion.
  3. Hi Rez
    Some of us have.  I administered, 2 coworkers did the listening.  They correctly identified the USB cable being used 10 out of 10 times.
  4. Lappy27
    How is that possible? oh my god! 
    They certainly been lucky ten time in a row! If you have the honesty and good faith to continue the test for about 90 other time, I am sure it will have been really different cause every intelligent and cultivate human beeing knows for a indeniable fact that a $10 cable sound EXACTLY THE SAME as a $300.00 one. You fool.
  5. proton007
    Either one of the cables you used was crap (probably didn't meet the USB spec), or something else was at play. Maybe you can provide more information.
  6. Lappy27
    I don't want to prove any statement to any of you non-believer of difference in sound between USB cables. I knew from the start that you will stick on your position and your theoric explanations. 
    I just wanted to say:
    1- I am fed up of people ridiculizing other people for saying they heard difference between different USB cables and that, without even been willing to try it for themselve. It certainly easier to be stubborn forever than experimenting and having to admit that you were absolutly wrong all that time. I DON'T NEED ANYBODY TO CONFIRM WHAT I CLEARLY AND WITHOUT A DOUBT HEAR. I have enough self confidence to be positively convinced of what I see/smell/hear in my life.
    You challenge me to do a blind test. I am challenging you to experiment with a generic cable, a Wireworld Starlight and a Transparent Performance. Just to prove your theory. After that, you could sell them easily (it took me less than one day to sell both cables). I can assure you one thing my friend, YOU WILL BE IN FOR A BIG, BIG SURPRISE!
    2- And to answered the original poster question. YES THERE ARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN USB CABLES AND SOMETIME, NOT SUBTLE AT ALL!!!
  7. Hi Rez
    If we could have an open minded discussion, I would be willing to provide more information.  But based on your first sentence, I wonder if any discussion would be open minded.  Until I believe a meaningful discussion could actually take place, I think not.
  8. Lorspeaker
    I had LAT, FURUTECH GT2, WW StarLIGHT, Cabledyne...all sounded diff, I kept the one I liked best n sold the rest.

    It is strange, in a place like headfi, ppl will not struggle with u when u say diff phones, pads, mods sounded diff...
    And yet when it comes to cables/USB cables...a lot of "scientists" would surface n argue the 0/1s to death.

    My simple mind tells me there is some fuzzy logic going on here like my washing machine, even though it is 0/1s....
    There is a lot of info swimming under those peaks n valleys that's not explained...in school/textbooks.
    I better stop here...lol.

    * I kept the cabledyne...it killed the starlight to my ears...if anyone is interested.
  9. Kamakahah
    I feel like the initial purpose of this thread got lost long ago.

    You can look at the science of the matter and form your own opinion. Realize that what is accepted knowledge now may change.

    Every decade or so we declare that we've come so far and have set dogmas that will never change. Then suddenly an accidental discovery comes along and totally destroys the base theories that had up until been our reality. That's science in a nut shell and I have to deal with its ever unpredictable ways on a daily basis.

    In short just buy a standard cable that meets spec. Use the rest on more important pieces of your chain, like headphones.
    Because even the unicorn of double rainbow purity cables isn't going to have as much meaningful effect on the sound as the headphone will.
  10. invrlose
    I have done tonnes of tests with friends involving different USB cables and the didn't know which one they were hearing.

    Sometimes for both tests you can use the exact same cable and my friends have claimed one sounds very different from another. It is all in your head. You need to understand how a conductor works first of all, then you need to realize that anecdote is worthless in the face of objective fact. Open up a $5.00usb cable and a $50.00 USB cable and you'll see they are all just copper. If you think digital cables can make that much of a difference, buy audiophile sata cables, audiophile harddrive, etc.

    USB cables effecting sound signature is theoretically and physically impossible as long as they are up to spec.
  11. invrlose
    Can you please provide an example of new "accidental discoveries" destroying fundamental theories that is recent?
  12. proton007
    The thing is, NO ONE CAN CONFIRM WHAT YOU HEAR. No one.
    You severely underestimate the power of placebo, and the effect your brain can have on your physiology.
    Thanks for the advice, but I'd rather spend the money on other parts of my audio chain, where they will make a difference. Maybe get another headphone for the price of one of these cables.
  13. proton007
    Headphones, DACs and amps were not bestowed upon mankind by some angel, they were created by scientific models and understanding of phenomenon.
    Headphones are based on acoustics, and different headphones, pads and mods work on these principles.
    You're more than welcome to post in the cables section if you don't want to hear anything against high end USB cables.
  14. dclaz
    The problem is that people/humans are INCREDIBLY fallible when it comes to things like this. 
    I strongly suggest that everyone read Daniel Kahneman's book, Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow which among other important issues, looks at cognitive bias and demonstrates how easily human thought and behaviour can be influenced, even when we are trying to be rational. 
  15. Lorspeaker
    where am i...... ?  back to my 3D music. 
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