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Need to replace MDR-XB700's, need advice

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dreadkill, Apr 13, 2013.
  1. DreadKill
    Hi, im new here. A few months back i looked around this forum to find of new headphones to get. I decided on the Sony MDR-XB700's. They were even on clearance at my local computer store for 89$ (canada). I picked up a Fiio E10 amp/Dac to go with it. I absolutely loved these headphones. I use a HD439 for most music and just general gaming on my computer. But when I go to listen to electronic remix dance brassy songs, I went to my xb700's.

    Well! turns out i accidentally tossed them into the garbage along with my taco bell one night, and they are long gone by now. Looking online I found that the price of these things basically doubled, i cant find any less then 160$. I come here asking if I should just bight the bullet and pay this for another pair, or if there is a better pair of headphones I can get for the same/lower price? What i really loved about the XB700's was the POWER that i felt from them. I loved to blast the volume, and feel my head just vibrate. I need somthing that can match that power, or better yet beat it.

    TL:DR = Have a Fiio amp. Used to have XB700's. they gone now. price doubled, wondering if something better to get for that price.

    Oh, and I only use them while on my PC. I dont have a equalizer and dont really plan on getting a physical one. If there is a computer software that can equalize the digital audio, would love to know.
  2. cardan
    Well if you want something that rumbles your head like that, I'd with the XB500's. You should be able to find them for what you bought the 700's for a while back. I wouldn't listen to anyone that comes in here boasting that the Panasonic HATF600's have the same type of bass but better. It's not true. What you want is rumble and head-shaking bass and the 500's should definitely deliver there like the 700's did.

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