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Need to decide on gaming/music headphones, stuck between 3 open backs

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tier one, Nov 23, 2012.
  1. Tier One
    Last year I bought a pair of DT700 pros (80ohms) and I do really enjoy them. I am looking at getting another pair but I can't decide between the HD 598s, AKG K601, or the ad700s. I will be using them for xbox gameplay and music on my computer/phone. I don't have an amp right now just a DAC for my pc. I can hear everything in shooters on my xbox with the dt770s but I have trouble with positioning and I have heard that open backs have wider soundstages that should help me with that.
    I know they are all priced a little differently but besides the price I want to know what you guys think my best bet would be.
    HD598s - I am leaning towards these the most right now they seem balanced in all aspects (immersion and soundstage) but I still don't know much about them.
    ad700s - Everyone says these are the best as far as soundstage for the money but I also hear they can be very weak in bass which would take the fun out of the games. Im not super competetive anymore so I can't have something that makes my games tinny and flat I just want to know if the lack of bass is as bad as people seem to think it is.
    AKG K601 - I really don't know much about these either but someone told me they do have a very impressive soundstage.
    If you have any input please let me know, and if there is a different sub 200 dollar pair you think is better please suggest it.
    Tier One
  2. NamelessPFG
    When people say the AD700s are bass-anemic, they aren't kidding. Even "bright" electrostatic cans generally have more bass. Guess we can scratch that off.
    Never auditioned the HD598 or K601, though, and as such I cannot vouch for either. Not fair for me to talk about headphones I've never heard like that. All I can say is that people here tend to like the HD598 for gaming, while the K601 is generally overlooked in favor of the K701/K702/Q701 line, which allegedly requires significant amplification that will put you over your $200 budget.
  3. Bboy500
    Edit: Nvm you said open headphones.
  4. Tier One
    Any one have experience with the the AKG K601 or the kd 598s??
  5. ruster88
    I own the 598 and they are the best I have used. Very comfortable and excellent all around sound. I use them mostly for fps gameing
    battlefield 3, warfighter, blackops 2 and others. They are also great with about any music. I also own a pair of modded 555's which are excellent also. The 598's are better but hard to say if they are $120 better. The difference in the price I paid. I think the 555's are the best $100 headphones period.
  6. Jeff Graw
    For gaming? Can't really beat the K701/702/Q701. They have the perfect combination of soundstage and detail retrieval. Even though the HD-800 has a wider soundstage, I prefer the more "beam like" 701/702 for gaming.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    As I think everyone agrees that the ATH-AD700 are off the table ( I never use my ATH-AD700s anymore)
    and as the AKG K601s are 120-Ohms, which the iPod or xBox might or might not drive well.
    The 50-Ohm HD598s seem to be the best choice.
    I would say just to get the 50-Ohm HD558s, Amazon is selling a used pair for $129 + $8 shipping.
  8. Lord Voldemort
    Like I have said many times, the AKG lines tend to have no center to their soundstage. I think the "exaggeration" between the left and right channels made it easier to pinpoint the general location of where an enemy is but it is far from being accurate. Even in RPG games, you'll find some NPC talking to you 4 feet away and it'll sound like they are 8 feet away. I've never heard the K601 but judging by the research I did on them, they have this same kind of soundstage as the 701 series. 
    I personally think the HD598 can have a little more width to them but they are far more accurate in their soundstage than any AKG or ATH I've listened to. 
    P.S. All of these are pretty bass light. The HD598's bass is relatively neutral but all headphones need special emphasis in the bass area, meaning compared to "real life" bass it sounds light. But out of the three, these have the most prominent bass, and balances the midrange and treble pretty well. 
  9. Roller
    Two significantly better options than any of the suggested so far are the Ultrasone HFI-2400 and the Beyerdynamic DT990.
    It should be noted that the AD700 excel for competitive gaming, and competitive gaming alone, due to their very subdued bass presence.

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