Need suggestions on speakers for my desktop
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Jan 12, 2008
Hey folks, I need some suggestions on choosing speakers.

My current sound card is Auzentech Forte 7.1. However, due to the limitation in space, I am looking for a set of 2.0 speaker.

I mainly use it to listen to music instead of watching films or other stuff. Mostly Jazz and pop, but I am planning on touching some classical ones in the future. I have been looking through many reviews, and currently focusing on m-audio av40. Do you guys think this one is the right one for me?

My budget is around 200 bucks or may be less than 300 bucks. Are there any other better options I can go with?

Any suggestions will be really appreciated. Thanks guys!
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For about $270 you can get Audioengine A5's which have superb reviews. I briefly listened to them last week and was blown away by the quality and size of them. I'm currently hunting down the cash for them as they're #1 on my list now.

I've also heard great things about the AV40s but I would imagine the A5's are better.
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Get the Audioengines, you can read a lot about them in this forum (do a search). Both the A2 and the A5 are stellar, you won't be disappointed...

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