Need SRH840 Pads..
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New Head-Fier
May 3, 2011
Hi guys im new (so be nice). Ive bena reader/follower for a while and thought might as well jump on the forums. Ive read countless threads and reviews which contributed in getting both my SRH440's and soon-to-be Brainwavz M2's. And i know writing all those aint easy but your work is appreciated. So thanks.
So my question as you can tell from the title is about the SRH 840 pads. I want to try them out. I live in Australia and Headphonics have them, but $40 for a pair is a bit too steep for me. Ive tried ebay but they dont exist there anymore. Does anyone know where i can import them from (without paying a massive shipping fee)?
Or better yet, if anyone has a spare pair they are wililng to sell, im more than interested.
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Are you sure they don't sell any on ebay?  Go check the for sale/trading forums, if somebody on headfi is selling theirs, thats where you'll find them. good choice with the 440's btw.

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