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Need something with speed and no sound leakage budget $70

  1. MohawkUS
    Hey, I currently use Grado SR-80is on my home rig, just a Xonar Essence STX, and for obvious reasons they are not good for portable use, I have looked in the 115 IEM review thread, but I'm still too much of a noobie around here to know words like "lush" and "bright", I understand the definitions, but the Grados are the only headphones I have heard besides skullcandy *shiver*.
    I do know that I need something fast though, I listen to lots of metal, mostly black metal, power metal, and doom/post metal and some dubstep. I hate nothing more than notes blurring together when they are not supposed to like a car subwoofer or skullcandies, 
    I am fine with either headphones or earbuds, but I need something that leaks very little to no sound at reasonable volumes. I am planning on buying a Cowan J3 as my first portable soon, its not too late to stop me if that is a mistake.
    Please remember, I'm still a noob, don't go too complicated on me [​IMG].
    Forgot to mention, I would like suggestions from all price ranges, around $50 is perferrable, but I think I can manage $70

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