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May 10, 2020
Hey there, this will be my first post on head-fi. As the title implies I am shopping around looking for the Ideal headphones for Casual gaming on the pc and music. Gaming includes some casual sided FPS, RPG, MMO like ff14, and Strategy games while music includes Rock, Alternative, EDM, and other beat style music. I have tried looking around in the open back market for a while to find that proper headphone as they tend to have better sound but I am at a loss. I Currently make use of the Beyerdynamic DT 990 premium 600ohm with a Liquid Spark amp and a Topping D10 dac but this is primarily for more competitive use and not so much your average all rounder. I wasn't sure if maybe I should look more towards a closed back for a bit more immersion. I tend to look towards more "bright" headphones but in this case I want an all rounder that fits my preferences so maybe one thats more neutral leaning towards bright. I think the closest one that got to where I wanted my headphones to be was the 58x Jubilee which wasn't good enough but still good and the HIfiman Sundara which fit the area almost perfectly but I had two that broke on me causing me to lose quite a bit of faith in the brand. I have tried a very wide variety in open back but not so much in the closed back. The only closed back I have sat down and tested are the DT 770 and DT 1770 both of which sounded rather sibilant and I just didn't like them very much as they were also uncomfortable for me. I am currently trying to make a general list of headphones I would like to sit and try as the Audio stores near me are planning to open soon. the Budget I am looking at is around $400 maximum but I don't mind buying a used or open box product provided it's in good shape and fits what I am looking for. If you guys could help me maybe find my ideal headphone that'd be fantastic whether it be closed back or open back. the Music I listen to for example would be like Rob Zombie Dragula, Metallica Albums, Breaking Benjamin Albums, Teminite albums, Songs from Dance with the Dead such as ravens in the sky, and many others.
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