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Need some input

  1. magicianky
    So the company I work for is full of "audiophiles" who are all over the Beats bandwagon. Our yearly meeting is coming up, and I'm planning to take my collection with me (see sig) to, for lack of a better description, show off and turn some heads away from the Beats. I'm looking to expand my in-ear selection (while I DEEPLY want a pair of DT880 600 ohm for home, I want to focus on stuff their iPod can drive without amplification, though they WILL be using my amps), but I'm torn in a couple regards and hope some of you can help me out. So...
    1) RE-0: I've heard nothing but praise about these, especially for their price. Is it worth having these around for times I don't want to bust out the big guns?
    2) IE7 vs IE8: I have heard the IE8 and absolutely love the sound. Obviously, the IE7 is cheaper, but I've never heard it. Is there enough difference between the two to justify the extra cash for IE8, or would getting the IE7 be sufficient?
    I do plan to actually use what I do get, not just looking to throw away a bunch of money on stuff that I don't plan to use. 
    Thanks guys!
  2. Frankie K
    Hi Pal, I'm not to sure about the RE-O, but for a comparison on the IE7 or 8 You could try contacting swbf2cheater. I think He will be able to help You with the comparison's, give Him a shout!
  3. magicianky
    Well I did a bunch more digging and pricing and grabbed an RE-0 and a Phonak PFE instead of the Sennheisers. We'll see how things go next Wednesday...
  4. Frankie K
    Good Luck, I hope they are what You want, sorry I could'nt help with more info.

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