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Need some help with my Sennheiser IE80's

  1. ciyomh
    Hello Everybody.
    I have purchased the Sennheiser's IE80 earphones and I would like to get some tips and ask some question.
    First , I would like to say that I am pretty disappointed , I have bought this earphones about 3 weeks ago from an authorized seller for about 470$.
    I expected a much better performance from those earphones , I'm not and audiophile but I have heard alot of earphones before the IE80 and it seems like those earphones give a very bad value for their price tag.
    The soundstage is alittle better than the average (I expected a much wider soundstage , the soundstage is really not that big as people say) , the low end in here is nice but not as good as expected , same with the highs and the midrange is really good.
    Also , a very big downside for me is that the SQ with low volume listening is not very good , I have to turn up the volume in order to get a good SQ and it really bothers me as I'm used to listening to music in low volume.
    I'm listening to hip-hop mostly , I'm using the extra long MEElec tips from the M11+ tip pack , my media player is Cowon C2 , most of the songs in my music library are in FLAC format (and the others are 320kbps MP3) and I have burned in the earphones for about 50 hours , not including the time that I have used the earphones in order to listen to music.
    1.I am thinking about getting this cable to improve the performance of the IE80's:
    but I don't know if it will be a very dramatic change and especially if it will suit my needs (if it will be good to hip-hop)
    2.I would like to hear about the JetEffect settings from the users here who got a Cowon product + a pair of IE8/IE80 as I would like to find the best EQ setting for hip-hop (those who will make an effort and post their own setting will help me alot).
    Also , if anyone got any tips for me and he thinks that he can help me please post them in here.
    I am so disappointed from Sennheiser this time because I have spent almost all of my money on this earphones and got a poor value as I expected a much better performance for this price.
    Thanks Everybody.
  2. eke2k6
    I felt the same way about them.
    I recommend returning them and giving the Vsonic GR07 a try.
  3. artist777
    I think you should returning them
    +1 to Vsonic I love them) Any comparition with Re272? Links?
    Sorry for offtop. 
  4. ciyomh

    Unfortunately , I can't return the earphones or either sell them because there's no demand among the "audiophiles" or music lovers of these earphones in my country (I'm not from the U.S or Canada) so returning or selling them is not an option for me.
    I would like to get another answers or tips , I can't sell or return those earphones.
  5. AstroTurf
    You could try burn in.

    It may help.

    Hope it works out for you.

  6. eke2k6
    And therein lies the beauty of head-fi. You can list them of the for sale forums for an international buyer to pick them up.
  7. ciyomh

    I'm sorry but I can't sell them because as I said , there is no demand of these earphones among the "audiophiles" in my country (Israel) , even the most serious "audiophiles" in here don't spend more than 100$ on a set of earphones , they barely pass the 250$ price tag on headphones (and I'm talking about the most serious users in Israel , the average user in here is not going to pass the 80$ price tag on headphones).
    So again , selling or returning is not an option for me (I wish it was but it ain't) so if anybody got any tips/answers for me which not include the selling/returning or trying options , I would love to hear his opinion.
    About the burn-in , I'll try give them more hours of burn in but I doub't if it will make a dramatic change as I didn't notice much changes in the burn-in period so far.
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Change your source, I own a Cowon player and they're fussy about synergy. Have you plugged them into your laptop? How do they sound. If it was me and you know they're genuine as you stated I would be buying a Sansa player see if there's any changes, your laptop will tell you if this is worth it. Or even try it on a friends source. I have tried pairing my IEM's with the Cowon S9 and ran into nothing but disappointment on some occasions.

    Change your source before you doubt the earphones. 

    Here's a thread we have with EQ settings. You'll have to skim through and see if there's any for IE80. I don't think it's going to change much though no matter what you do with the Jet effects. 

  9. ciyomh

    I got a Sansa Fuze+ and the IE80's don't sound special with it also and they sound even worse when plugged into the laptop.
    I have already picked an EQ setting from there that fit me the pretty nice but still , I don't get the value that I expected from these earphones.
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Ok, well you count the source problem out. Maybe you were expecting a little too much. It's happened to me before.

    You can always sell them here on the boards making the sale world wide. 
  11. ciyomh

    Maybe I'm expecting for too much but I'm still unsatisfied.
    I didn't buy the earphones without thinking or something , I have made a research on them , read alot about them and asked some people about these earphones.
    I've looked at alot of reviews and it seems like most of the reviewers really like these earphones and gave them a very impressive score.
    BTW , I would like to get some comments about the Silver Galaxy Cable , It seems like most of the people who sold the earphones in here bought this cable for the IE80/IE8 and I've read a comment form someone about this cable and he wrote that this cable is good enough to make him feel very disappointed of the IE80's with the OEM cable which comes with the earphones in the box.
    I would like to see people comment about this cable , how good it will be for hip-hop? 
  12. Sailor21
    Try to use your excelente earphone with one DragonFly DAC.
    Is a U$ 250 investment with excelent return for the money
    He permit that you extract the juice of your IE 80
    You'll discover all the potential of your Sunheiser IE 80
    But Burn in very well the IE 80 first, it makes the diference too
    I use the both in my PC and I hear wonderful quality music , with Window Media Player MP3 and WAVE, You Tube and Tune In International Radio.
    I have a Klipsch IMAGE S4 that is a very good earbud with very good reviews, that I bought first, but that can't match with the IE 80 even far, and with the DragonFly in the PC the diference is even bigger.
    Good Look
    Sailor - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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