Need some help deciding between IEMs ~$200. VSonic GR07 or Westone 2 or something else?
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Apr 10, 2013
I had a pair of Shure SE210 that lasted me about 3 years with casual use. I've either lost them or misplaced them somewhere, so I'm in the market for another set of IEMs.
I quite liked the sound and durability of the SE210s. They were accidentally laundered twice and both times they survived. I would like something with a comfortable fit, not requiring an amp to drive it, and durability.
As for the music I listen's quite eclectic. Ranging from bands like Opeth (death metal) to the Weeknd/Frank Ocean (R&B) to Radiohead/Animal Collective/Grizzly Bear (rock) to Bonobo/Aphex Twin (electronic). I think I prefer a warmer sound compared to an analytical sound.
What intrigued me about the Westone 2 review was the following: "The midrange is where the W2 really shines. The mids are in very good balance with the bass and treble. Like the Westone 1, the W2 is slightly warm but there is no loss in detail or added veil as a result."
So, I think I would prefer something along those lines, though I am open to other suggestions. 
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Jun 23, 2008
Interested in this thread. I listen to almost the same exact music as you and I bought the re400s. They sound good for 100 bucks but I want something more. I'm coming from 500 dollar full size cans and these sound adequate but not mind blowing.

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