Need some help choosing headphones for someone.
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D1001's are over ear and VERY comfortable. You can also look at the Creative Aurvana Live! which is a rebranded D1001.
They might be more appreciated by girls, because of the shiney parts.
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They just have a good bass...the right amount of bass. 
Nothing compared to the XB500's which are for bassheads. 

Is it on-ear or over-ear? Different websites have trouble deciding...

They're over ear.
If you have big ears, they are on-ear. 

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I read that the d1001/CAL don't isolate well though.
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They keep noise from leaking out well enough, but keeping outside noise from coming in is mediocre.
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Hmm it's nice to hear that they are indeed over-ear, and that they're also very comfy and within my budget. I think I might steer towards getting these, but Mad Lust Envy, is it true that the noise isolation from outside is only mediocre? Cos thats the biggest requirement for the 'phones, otherwise I'd get these straight away...
Also, how is the sound quality, compared to say, my SRH840?
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Check ljokerl's thread for info on Creative Aurvana Live! :
Indeed he doesn't consider them good for isolation which may rule them out for you.
Re. over-ear/ on-ear : the room inside the earcups is 2 1/4" x 1 3/4"
Appearance wise, they do look rather bowl-like on ears (rounded edges) and maybe the black shiney finish makes them look larger.
Sound wise and comfort wise I'm sure they'd have been fine :xf_eek:
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from what I read the srh840 might be for you for her, it seems to have a laid back sound to them with neutral and balance with a little bass kick to them.  They look pretty decent although on the larger side.

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