Need some headphone purchase advice guys!

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  1. Denshin92
    Hey guys, I need help deciding between these 3 headphones model - B&W P9, Audeze XC or Oppo pm3.. unless you guy reckon there are something better for closed-back headphone that doesn’t cost more than the Audeze xc…. lol

    I am still new with headphones… sound like a cave man ahaha but I am just trying to get a better understanding and some advices.

    I have the sennheisser HD599 as my first headphone if you exclude beats headphone lol. Enjoyed it but now I want to go up a notch. Was planning to get the Hifiman X V2. It sound so amazing, but hesitated in the end due to it being open-back headphone. I want to use it in any environment. Tried the Fostex TH900 but did not suit me. Not sure if its the right term to use but the treble is too much for me. I listen to all kind of genre… so yea..

    I chatted with someone online and they recommended the zmf ori. It seem pretty attracting to me but being in Australia I doubt I can try them out.

    I tried to find comparison review but could not find any between them and not much review on B&W P9.

    Hope you guys can give me your experience on these headphones and your advice! Cheers!
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  2. onevstheworld
    Addicted to Audio have an Adelaide store. I'm not familiar with their demo selection, but a previous poster seem to have a good experience there.

    Btw OPPO has effectively gone out of business.
  3. Denshin92
    Yea I have been there before and tried the hifiman v2 and audeze xc. The guy was very helpful but I was curious about other options as well. Really? How come?
  4. onevstheworld
  5. Denshin92
    Ahhh what a shame.. I am still quite curious regarding how the pm3 sound tough. I get mixed opinion on it and addicted to audio does not have it. Yeah, I wish there was one in Adelaide ahaaha. We need more!!! Ahahah Cheers though.
  6. Old Dirty Puppy
    I have some questions before I give out my recommendations. What kind of amp and dac are you using? Do you know what kind of sound signature in headphones you like? What is personal taste in music?
  7. Denshin92
    So Im mainly using it for portable use. Currently using the portable fiio q1 mark ii. I dont mind upgrading portable amp/dac. Probably consider buying amp n dac too in the future but not at the moment. Wallet cant handle it all in one go lol. In term of sound signature I honestly dont no.. I am still new to these term.. But anything like the hifiman x v2 is good to me. I guess i like the laid back warm headphone??? In terms of music I listened to a wide range of genre like classical, pop, techno and hard trance.
  8. Old Dirty Puppy
    Out of the three headphones you mentioned the Audeze XC is my favorite sound wise. But it is the most expensive and the least portable, also your Fiio q1 might struggle to drive them. Personally I wouldn't use the Audeze XC as a portable headphone. It's way too big and bothersome to haul around. You're other 2 choices make better portable headphone options. I haven't heard the B&W P9 so can't really comment much on them. I've heard the PM-3 before and I didn't enjoy them. I found them a bit boring and lacking bass.

    If you want a portable, closed back headphone that is easy to drive check out the Audeze Sine. It's an on ear design so you may not like them for that. Sound wise the are a fun signature. They are not neutral, the bass is a little boosted and they sound a bit warm. They will perform well with pop, hip hop and electronic music.
    Another great option is the Audeze EL-8 closedback. These have a similar sound signature to the sine but they are way better. These are bass cannons, excellent for electronic music. Also the EL8 is a larger over ear design and they have the best sound isolation that I've seen on any headphones. Nothing gets in or out once you got the music playing.
    If portability it as much of an issue there is the MrSpeaker Aeon C Flow. This a much more neutral headphone. It's a great all rounder headphones. Anything you throw at it them sounds great.
    And last my personal favorite close back the ZMF Atticus. These have amazing mids and a great low end. I love how vocals sound on the Atticus. Unfortunately these are harder to drive and your q1 won't do them justice. And their portability is on par with the Audeze XC. You are not going to want to travel with these.
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  9. Denshin92
    Don't know if I am weird but I tried both Audeze el8 and sine but didnt enjoyed them. How would u compare the zmf aticus with the ori? I was thinking of buying the fiio q5 portable amp/dac to drive them unless u have a recommendation? I honestly dont mind wearing them despite its poor portability.
  10. onevstheworld
    What about the Campfire Cascade? It didn't fit my head well, but I thought it was an excellent sounding headphone. I demoed it at the Sydney branch, so I'd guess the Adelaide store would have it too.
  11. Denshin92

    Interesting. I have not heard of this one before. Yea not sure if they do. I would have to ask. They r still quite a new store in Adelaidr and seem to have limited demos to try out.
  12. Old Dirty Puppy
    I'm not sure if the q5 can give the Atticus enough power to really shine. I would go with a more powerful desktop amp. As far as how do they compare to the Ori, I can't really say. I haven't had any listening experience with the Ori. I do know that they both use two very different drivers. The Ori has a planar magnetic T50RP driver and the Atticus has a dynamic driver.
  13. Denshin92

    I bought the aune x1s for a different purpose but do u reckon it would b fine for desktop use? In term of portable amp/dac what would u recommend to b able to giv enough power? Yea the dynamic and planar givs me a headache cuz i totalli dont no how different they would sound.. the torture is real when u cannot try them out ahahah
  14. Old Dirty Puppy
    I'm using a Oppo HA-2 SE as my portable dac/amp. It can push my ZMF Auteur but I have to turn the volume nob almost all the way to max to get them load. you can check out a ifi nano black label or if you want to throw more money away a chord mojo.
  15. FastAndClean
    warm and mid focused, in the lower mids, roll off treble and small soundstage, wet kind of tone, soft
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