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Need some guidance PS4 Gaming Setup

  1. drago10029
    1. So bad news, I have a measly 100$ ish.. budget for now lol.
    2. This is mainly for a PS4 to hear amazing game audio and chat with my pepz.  I have a TOSLINK cable and my TV has a COAX audio out (should i trust the TVs outputs for quality?).
    2a. I want over the ear, I don't like headphones pressed against my ears.
    3. I want great soundstage, great sound overall and clean bass not a basshead.
    4. Mic quality is not the most important I just wanna people to hear me clear.
    5. I would ideally want a wireless setup but I know that is asking for a lot considering my budget and the sound quality part.
    6. I own a PS4 connected to a TV via HDMI, I have a PC with open PCI card slots (relatively close to my PS4 and TV) lol
    I did lot's of research and learning over the past 4 days, thank you to everyone who's posted in the help section and posted reviews for OVER THE EAR Headphones. They were helpful!  Below is a list of all the cheap equipment I could find that have learned is good/great bang for the book:
    Panasonic RP HTF600 +4
    Superlux HD-681 EVO +5
    Superlux 668-B
    Monoprice 108323
    HD 668B
    HD 518
    Pulse Elite (BhPhoto)
    neewer 1x Lapel
    v-moda boom pro
    zalman zm mic1
    Olympus ME 52
    Asus Xonar DG
    Creative Sound Blaster E1
    LAST!  For sound references I currently own EarForce DSS 7.1 channel, SOL Republic V8 and a Nexus 5.  They all have poor bad soundstage and un clean bass IMO.
  2. drago10029
    anyone?  please? lol
  3. cel4145
    Look into the Kingston HyperX Cloud gaming headset. It's essentially the Takstar Pro 80 that is regularly recommended on Head-Fi, only with a mic.
  4. drago10029
    I actually found them on head-fi myself.   I failed to mention that I wanted to use them as headphones too lol.
    After looking at the Hyper Cloud I had some concerns though.  1 was the 60 ohms requirement also some reviews mentioned some of the parts feeling very cheap and plasticy, at abot 90$, with tax I feel like there might be other headphone even gaming headset options that might be better..  Amping, ohms, sensitivity is one area I don't have a huge understanding in but it seems like they would need an amp for best performance.  Lastly, I'm also concerned about the quality of sound coming from the PS4 controller if I used those.  Can anyone speak on that?
  5. tmact1
    I have tried to connect my HD700 to ps4 using Astro mixamp and the quality is no better than using HD598 or any lower quality headphone. And by the capability of PS4 I don't think it's possible to connect any desktop amps with it. Even if there's a way to connect an amp with PS4 as source those high-end headphones won't shine at all. So my best suggestion is to get a decent wireless headset which is cheaper than high-end headphones and also saves the trouble of those wires. I was like you at first, trying to get great headphones to work with both gaming and hi-fi listening, but it's sadly impossible. So better save some money by getting a $100 to $200 wireless headphone then get another quality headphone for music. Hope you can understand fine since I'm not a native speaker and typing on my phone. BTW the sound quality from controller is terrible but if you just wanna hear footsteps direction in COD it's fine.
  6. drago10029
    What would you think about connecting an amp via TOSLINK connector on the PS4?
    So you used your HD 700 and HD 598, was the atro mixamp connected via TOSLINK on the PS4?
  7. tmact1
    Yes it is and it's supposed to be the best option, but sadly it's just so terrible. Also the music is played by music unlimited on PS4 so it's very low definition, with this bad format and a bad source there's no point to use good headphones. I learnt it the hard way and have to stick with the mixamp and having tons of cables lying around until I get the budget for a wireless headphone :frowning2: 
  8. tmact1
    Hey drago since you are a PC expert why not play most of your games on PC? Connect to a desktop DAC and Amp you'll have much better experience! I couldn't do that since I already invested a lot on modded controllers but you should!
  9. drago10029
    Agree about source quality.  I'm sure non of the audiophile cans would do my Nexus 5 justice on a train ride :/ I use Viper4android but that could only do so much.
    and I thought TOSLINK had good quality audio for games at least?  Any got info on that? links?
    I could easily install a good sound card and have a really good set up going but I am the only "tech geek" I know, for lack of a better word.  So all my friends play Console & wouldn't know the first thing about PC Gaming.  So PS4 it is for me.  I really thought a Amp would help my PS4 sound :/
  10. tmact1
    Yea the toslink is better on PS4 compare to other output choices PS4 offers, but I just think the difference is too small, since, again the source. For me, I only know mixamp as an amp choice for PS4, and based on my experience, it only increase the volume a bit and has no sound improvement. Also I couldn't even turn the volume nob on mixamp pass 11 o'clock, it will have a lot of background noise. The only reason of buying an Astro mixamp to me is having the ability to add a mic when you are using headphones without mic. If you get a decent wireless headphone I'm pretty sure you'll have the same sound quality as a good wired headphone, plus it no messy cables. Anyway, let's hope some one can come up with another amp solution! Me too want to have my PS4 to be able to have superb sound!
  11. drago10029
    well, let's put our heads together here on the forums.  I've been researching constantly, so if you have the time and come up with something or a device, let me know.  So far I we gotta avoid the controller jack and the TOSLINK is the best sound option.
    I've also even considered if you see the devices I posted, a good PC sound card could work,  just would have to figure out the cabling situation which I could only imagine being a mess right now.
  12. tmact1
    Wow it would be awesome if you could hook up a sound card to PS4 and make it work! For the sound quality we can get I won't care about the mess at all. Also I forgot to mention that I tried to connect the toslink from PS4 to my Schiit Bifrost and it didn't work, so I guess it's not supposed to work with any desktop amps. 
    Now the PS4 seems to only pump out digital(optical and hdmi) audio and the sound card lacks a digital input.
    This leaves you some options, but they may not be the nicest or cheapest options.

    Run HDMI to a a computer[​IMG] monitor or TV and bring back to the sound cards mic/line in port via the tv's lineout or headphone port. This only gives 2 channel sound, but the card should be able to upmix(Xear surround in the software).

    Getting into surround sound. I know the PS4 supports many 2 channel usb sound cards, but 5.1 is another question. This would require its own research. Alternatively an adapter from Optical or HDMI to 5.1 analog could allow connection to the speakers, but a selector switch will be required to switch from computer to PS4.

    Getting more complicated or expensive.
    If you wanted 5.1 from the computer and PS4 at the same time, you would need a mixer of some kind along with the optical/hdmi to analog adapter or usb sound card that works with the PS4.
    Things are getting to be a bit of a mess. You can build an opamp 5.1 mixer with 3 dual channel opamps(it will be inverting) and a pile of 10k resistors as well as an audio taper 10k dual variable resistor( to control the volume of the PS4). You still need either a split supply or to wire things up for single supply. Are you the kind of DIY type to build this thing(real question, I can give you the plans as I have such a thing sitting next to me for 2 computers[​IMG] to share a set of analog speakers.)?

    The last option would be just to get speakers that have optical or HDMI in(would need out as well to feed the TV[​IMG]/monitor). This may be a expensive option depending on what you buy, but will remove all the guess work of other methods. The line/headphone out on the tv to linein on the card works, but no surround sound and the computer has to be on. A second input on the speakers or selector switch would be more ideal."
    found this from http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2488824/playstation-audio-output.html, maybe you could give it a try, I'm about to sleep don't feel like reading all those posts:) You could give it a try and post if it works out! Good luck!

  13. drago10029
    I understand what you say about the USB Sound Cards since some work & some don't with the PS4.  But only the more expensive ones would give good enough sound quality and that would be way over my 100$ budget.
    Also I see you mention connecting to speakers a lot, Im confused about that lol.  My goal isn't to connect with optical to speakers, I think that can be easily done with a sound card to a PC. and the wiring wouldn't matter. The goal is:
    1. PS4 sound via Optical ----> an AMP, PC sound card ----->  into headset or headphones.
    2. If cheapy amazing sound is impossible without a lot of cable clutter, I'll just get a good wireless headset for convenience.
  14. Clean6eR
    I have been playing around with ps4 and pc sound stuff, i have many headsets and sound cards,
    Quality wise about the best i found was to hook up my hdvd 800 via optical to the ps4 and in its sound settings output lpcm via optical with none of the dts aac or dolby stuff ticked.
    Then i go to devices and in the latest ps update they let you pick under audio devices to output the chat to the 'tv or speakers' (without need to do the old cable controller trick)
    So i have chat and game going to my dac amp via optical.
    Lastly, the mic! this is were im still trying to find a good setup, i have a yeti usb mic that works and sounds good but it picks lots up in the room so its not what I'm after. I used to use that setup with my hd800 headphones thinking this is as good as i can get it.
    But i soon realised game audio is not really the same as stereo music and i do feel I'm a little overkill. I tried the turtle beach xp7 mixer thingy (and many others) and found sidetone (mic monitor etc) VERY useful when playing with friends and the simulated surround another real advantage.
    Fun wise i found that setup better.
    Also the suggestion of the hyperx or qpad qh headsets is a good one, they can have the mic pop off and work just like any other setup. i did find they sound a lot more upfront than soundstage noted headphones like the k701, but they are stupidly detailed and very fun. i couldn't name a better headset for the price.
    other notable headsets i found were:
    closed isolating style: (good if sharing a room)
    the mmx300,
    the COP with headgear cable (mmx is better and more open and airy sounding)
    hyperx cloud 2
    open headsets: (good if you don't have side tone and dislike enclosure resonance!)
    Audio Technica adg1 ( forget real name its the ad700 ones with a mic on them)
    I have many others but these were my favorite ones (like the sennheiser ones are good but just too smooth for me)
    you asked about ohms!
    i dont think its the resistance that i worry about too much but rather the sensitivity (probably the combination but i suck at science)
    i have all the headsets mentioned in this thread and have hooked them all up to many different amps (and gaming sound cards) i found the more sensitive one (most cheaper gaming headsets and also ones like the custom one pro (16ohms i think) they all pick up a buzz from sound devices like the tritton pro+ amp, the astro mixamp, xp7 amp, TB DSS2 etc. but they didnt from the playstation controller (assume its due to its battery nature? ive no idea but thats what ive found, the cloud headset didnt pick up the slight buzz as much as the COP but then the mmx300 was almost silent on all things i tried it on.
    i have not spent alot of time trying headsets on the controller to see how well they are driven but can try it tonight and let you know.
    the cloud come with a usb adaptor for virtual 7.1 ill plug that into the ps4 too and let you know if you could drive them off that and ignore the controller
    if your all about getting rid of cables and clutter i have a lot of wireless headsets too
    to cut that short,
    if you want isolation and no boom mic in your face, get turtle beach elite 800
    if you love boom's and want a little more open feeling experience (not talking about sonic signature here, just ergonomically) then grab the astro a50's
    ill update my profile this afternoon with my gaming gear and if their is anything you want me to test or try just ask!
    hope all is well with everyone!
    (i have not got the steelseries wireless h or the afterglow wireless ones :frowning2: )
  15. monkuzz
    Hi can anyone please tell me how to set my hypez cloud 2 with my earforce dss2 on my ps4 with audio and mic working, I can only get sound with my mic not working, answers would be much appreciated,thanks.

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