Need some advice. Damned to overpay. Bricks and mortar only. IEMs, £100ish. UE sf5s? SE210s?
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Apr 26, 2009

I'm looking to upgrade from my SE102s, I really like them but they're just a little bit short on bass. I used CX300s for ages before and I like a bit of bass. I listen to mostly guitar based music, with a lot of twee/indiepop and a lot of shoegaze/jangle/noise. Not the techno sort of stuff that usually requires deep bass but enough to keep my music in check.

What I liked about Shure SE102
-Felt fairly well built.
-Went right into the ears, which was a plus.
-Sound quality sounded fine to me.
-Didn't stick out of my ears like mad.
-The 'cable over the ears' way of fitting.

What I didn't like
-Bass a little bit weak, in comparison to other IEMs I own.

The problem is, I'm limited to Apple's store, HMV and Richer Sounds. I'm in Liverpool, UK. Unless there are any places I've not thought, those are really my only options. A couple of other electrical stores are about like Comet and Curry's but they're not much use.

iPod Headphones - Apple Store (U.K.) technology: headphones: Browse

Those two are the main places I have to shop from.

Apple IEMs - £54
Shure SE110s - £80
Ultimate Ears 4 - £98
Shure SE210s - £100
Sennheiser IE6 - £118
Ultimate Ears 5 - £127
q-Jays - £138
Ultimate Ears 5 Extended Bass - £148
Denon AH-C751 - £148
Sennheiser IE7 - £167
Ultimate Ears 5 Pro - £176

Is there much difference beteen the normal super.fis and the pro editions?
Which of these has the best balance of price increase from £100 and quality of sound for the music I listen to?

I'm leaning towards the SE210s or the s.f5s. Which is the best option, considering the £30 gap?

Which pair should I go for out of all of them?
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Shoegaze/indiepop and all that are filled with treble detail. I'd go for the q-Jays actually. They've got the most amazing treble capability, plus excellent, excellent bass -- really tight and punchy. You can wear them over your ears or down, they're ultra comfortable and are pretty tough little buggers, considering that they're microscopic. Watch out for sibilance -- I experienced some with these IEMs -- but if your ears can handle the treble, I think you'll love them.
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Been reading reviews and worried that the q-Jays are a bit low on bass. As said, I'm not a massive bass addict but if every review should feel the need to comment on it I worry that something's amiss.

Are they stronger/weaker than the SE102s? SE 210s? Ultimate Ears sf. 4 or 5s?
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The shops you mentioned they are too expensive.

Try or I got my IE7s for £120 and the IE8 can be gotten for £190

If you are thinking of getting q-jays, get a E5 FiiO amp for £14 on ebay as well.
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Originally Posted by jynjyn /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The shops you mentioned they are too expensive.

Presumably there is a good reason for him not shopping online (e.g. too young for a debit card) so best to stick to his requirements.
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Circumstances changed a bit. Internet is now an option, with an upper price limit of ~£100.

Main priorities are still aurally as mentioned before, with extra emphasis on isolation. Isolation is good. Noisy bus journey of a morning.

Do q-Jays/d-Jays isolate well?
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Originally Posted by sixtiesremake /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Do q-Jays/d-Jays isolate well?

FWIR Q-Jays are of shallower insert which makes it not too great in that aspect.
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Originally Posted by sixtiesremake /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Circumstances changed a bit. Internet is now an option, with an upper price limit of ~£100.

Then I can recommend I've ordered Superfi 5 liquid metals and Klipsch Custom 2s from them.

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