need recommendatiosn for in ear noise cancelling buds?
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Jul 31, 2015
I'm going to be on some long flights in September, so thought I'd look into getting some noise cancelling buds.
I'm not exactly after monitors, I want something that makes my sound sound good, not point out every flaw.
a friend recommended JH Audio, but I'm open to some off-the-shelf options.
thank you! :)
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What kinds of music do you listen to? Do you want very neutral IEMs, or ones with extra bass? What is your budget? 
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"I'm loving the Stax SRS-2170's I'm rockin at home."
What does that mean? You want to spend plenty? I remember listening to some Stax headphones many years ago, and remember the great detail and nice highs they had. I don't remember how the bass was. I guess the closest thing to in it is a balanced armature IEM, perhaps with two or three drivers. For those who want more bass, perhaps something with two BA drivers and one dynamic one, and for those who want bass to be more subdued, perhaps something with two or three balanced armature drivers? I have the Sony XBA-1 which is just a single balanced armature IEM. I like it very much for the nice detail, although some want more bass than it provides, while others are quite happy with it. 
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hey JK1, my liking of the 2170's means I like neutral sound. how it's meant to be heard with nothing overemphasized unless it's supposed to be.
I've been reading Bose and was recommended Bose, but I don't want to buy Bose based on it being a well known brand.
I'm willing to spend $100 - $300 or so for these.
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 Perhaps you should consider the ones on this list that are within your price range? I haven't heard those however Tyll seems to be very good at rating headphones and earphones.

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