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need recommendations to replace flc8s

  1. fahadj2003
    so, my flc8s died on me and i need a resonable replacement that isn't going to bankrupt me.

    for flc8s, i used the single crystal silver cable on balanced fiio q1mk2, with grey grey grey combo, high gain + bass boost on q1mk2 and i loved that signature..

    now, way im seeing it, theres lz a5, but i feel like its a downgrade (from what i've heard)
    i'd go for the new flc8n, but the 8s' sub bass didnt extend as low as i'd like. (maybe hafx650 spoiled me a bit), thus im also considering hafw01, but i fear its bass may overpower mids and highs, plus i dunno how its resolution/ability to reproduce fine details is like.
    then theres dunu dn3001 on my list and brainwavz b400 (i had b2's back in the days and man they were amazing, played well with equalizer as well)

    what i mainly want is a flat but detailed iem that extends really low and really high but doesn't let one aspect overpower the other (or atleast, realistically, not by too much), and has good timbre (hafx650's drum timbre was realllllyyy good, god bless those dead woodies..).
    and if they are physically tune-able, thats a HUGE plus.

    so with that said, what should i go for and why?
    and if you have a 400-ish USD or cheaper recommendation, im all ears..
  2. serman005
    You might look into a Campfire Orion. Maybe read about it and see what you think. It is possible it could work for you.

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