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Dec 5, 2005
Hi guys, I am going overseas soon and won't have access to my normal system, cmi8788 (akm4396 dac) feeding a presonus hp4 amp to my etymotic er4b phones. I am in love with completely accurate sound and was hoping you guys could recommend the most accurate portable amp (very low distortion and huge dynamic range, and correct for 100 ohms phones, no idea about that) that I can use to drive these phones... it will be coming line out from some portable digital player (haven't decided on one, recommendations welcome)

Thanks for the help !!

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I shouldn't spend more than 500 dollars... but I am still curious what the options are above that, but I imagine the accurate ones are not the most expensive, just pricey.
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The only ones I can really recommend is the iBasso D10 "$275" because it the only portable amp I really own. The D10 sound great right out of the box and powers my SR80, M50 just fine for my taste. While is a little weak to power my HD650 but after I rolled amp I found it had enough power to run my HD650.

While I don't own any other portable amp, the Ray Samuels, Meier, and Pico headphone amps are high praised here.
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Lisa III, iqube, pico, D10 in that order

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