Need Recommendation for headphones
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Jun 16, 2007
Hello I am looking for some headphones specifically for gaming.

I am looking to spend only up to $100. I think closed headphones would be best.

I have an x-fi card if that makes a difference.

Any questions ask em and i'll reply promto
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Originally Posted by XaNE /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Sennheiser HD555's Grado SR60

gotta disagree with you about the grados, I hate using my ms-1s for gaming.
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I agree with Duke on the Grados. I have some SR-80s and they are great with music but terrible for gaming. Not to mention all the recommendations you've received are open headphones, except for the K240s, which I believe are still semi open and you said you are interested in closed. You might take a look at the ATH-A500s though, they are closed and pretty good for gaming at your stated price point.
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I would say ATH-A500 as well.

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