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Need Recommendation for headphones upto $400

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vineetmehta, Jul 3, 2013.
  1. vineetmehta
    Hi guys I want to buy headphone upto $400 which are compatible with Fiio E09k and Fiio Alpine E17 or Asus Xonar Essence ST or STX. I am not an audiophile but i have a good knowledge in sound. Thanks to head-fi. :)
    Currently I am using Bose AE2 and Auzentech X-Fi Forte. Bose is old and beat up though I can repair them. I also find them little muddy. Not crystal clear.
    I listen to many genre of music: rock, death metal, rap, trance, psychedelic, hip hop, bollywood, sometimes jazz basically anything that is good.
    I play a lot of Dota 2 and sometimes FPS like Call of Duty and Counter Strikes.
    I also love watching movies thriller, action and horror.
    Normally all my music is of 256 bitrate. And most of the time I listen to music on youtube. I have used Sennheiser HD 428 and found them too flat and boring. I need them to be little energetic. I think Beyedynamics Dt 990 will be good for me. Need your suggestion. I am in India so I dont have accessibility to headphones to try them.
    I know all this is too much but I can find a good pair of headphone that is versatile to my needs. I like a little bit of bass. And I like the sound to be punchy
    What do you suggest should I repair my Bose and stick to my old config or get a new pair or get a pair and a new Amp and DAC?
  2. sdpenha
    The DT990 is a sweet headphone - I snagged mine from Long & Mcquade for under $200 ($165 plus tax) and thoroughly enjoy my time with them. The Beyer Custom One Pro has adjustable bass and is less demanding on the amp, so you have the ability to plug into a phone or mp3 player directly (16Ohm vs 250). The downside is that it is not as clear as the DT990. All the best
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  3. vineetmehta
    Thank man.
  4. ev13wt
    I see what you did there. :)
  5. vineetmehta
    Sorry. But I did not get you.
  6. meyner
    I would recommend HE-400. very fun headphone and one of the best for its price pt. DT880 is also another good choice but i've never been a fan of Beyer just due to personal preference. The beyer is more on the neutral side and the HE is more to the musical side
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  7. vineetmehta
    More suggestions are welcome.
    How about DT880? Will I find it flat considering I did not enjoy Sennheiser HD428?
    Any views for HD650 or HD600 and Audio Technica M50. In India DT990 are more expensive than HD650 because Beyerdynamics does not have their presence whereas Sennheiser is very aggressive in Marketing and Distribution.
    Its my one time buy for at least next 5 years maybe so wanna be very sure.
    I like to feel explosions in movies the hard hitting of drums.
    I just love listing to the drums in this song in which sometimes I feel my Bose AE2 are little lacking.
    The drumming starts after 2 mins 20 seconds.
  8. meyner
    HD600 are neutral sounding while the 650 is kinda warm sounding.If you have 400 dollars u can get something better than M50.
    Personally beyerdynamics is pretty neutral as in flat and so is the hd 600's. I know a lot of people enjoy them but i just personally don't. If you do not enjoy neutral headphones i do not suggust u get them.
    Personally my suggestion if you want more impact for drums and explosion would maybe be something like D5000 or D2000 modded with D5000/D7000 cups. But the bass can get pretty strong. And like i said before i think HE-400 (not sure if its available ther though) would be the best if you want more visceral feeling and impact rather than neutral sound sig it is available. Fiio 9 should be able to drive this with ease.
  9. vineetmehta
    Thank you meyner. That is very helpful. I will search if HE400 is available here or not.
  10. vineetmehta
    Sorry meyner but HE400 are way too expensive to import and are not available here locally. The price goes upto $500
  11. meyner
    thats a shame. they are 400 dollars new in the usa. The fact that you can't buy from the forums without expensive shipping also restricts ur choices a lot
  12. vineetmehta
    Are there any headphones that sound similar to HE400?
  13. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Have you looked into the Audio Technica ATH-AD900X (open) headphone?
    I own the ATH-A900X (closed) headphone.
  14. Trunks159
    Philips fidelio x1 may sound similar to the he400.
  15. D K A
    How about Sony MDR-1R or Senheiser momentum? but maybe the HE-400 will be better than that two

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