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Need recommendation for Best IEM under $200

  1. wormsdriver
    this sounds like something I'm interested in. One question, what are these iems. I've never heard of a T3 and T5. Are these Dunus? 
  2. zanox

    Yes, Dunu Titan series.
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  3. meadomakr
    Not crazy about these IEMs. Bass is kinda muddy - not the defined sound I was hoping for. I had to EQu the heck out of it. However if your not too fussy they're decent
    quote name="sup27606" url="/t/813221/need-recommendation-for-best-iem-under-200#post_12782671"]I am curious about the 1more triple drivers. Heard good things about them, but also read that the treble is smooth, may be too smooth for some. They are available for $80 at Costco.

    I use the Etymotic HF5 which are about $100, and are quite satisfied with them, especially with classical music. The bass is adequate, provided the seal is good.

    Another option for hybrid driver IEM below $200 could be Dunu DN1000. It has good reviews.

    Can anyone make a comparison of the sound between the triple driver and ety HF5?
  4. abdullah1
    Meelectronic's flagship the pinnacle p1 has very good reviews and it is bundled with the fiio a3 amp for 200$ on amazon
  5. Jess70
    1more QUAD driver IEM is new at $200 and getting great reviews. Tighter bass and slightly more flat than the triples according to the reviews.

    I have not heard them myself.

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