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Need Recommendation- before ending up buying Bose AE2

  1. zul56
    Hello, I need recommendation for my next headphone!
    Who am I?
    Final year engineering student. I am aiming for a first class in my degree, and i need music to study efficiently. So, a geek like me need a headphone as below:
    What is your budget?
    Are you OK with open cans?
    No, I really don't want to disturb the person next to me in the library.. 
    What equipment will be powering these cans?
    Macbook & My Samsung Omnia 7 (yes, it's a windows phone!) [​IMG]
    What format of your music and other sounds will you be putting into these cans?
    I listen to ANYTHING BUT orchestra, jazz and classics. I enjoy most of the top ten songs in billboard hot 100.
    Do you plan to use them outside of your home?
    Yes! Everywhere i go: grocery shopping, on the way to lecture, in town
    Describe the sound signature that you are seeking?
    I have Sennheiser hd212 Pro and Beats Solo and Studio. I am quite tired of a bassy and muddy headphones. I really want a headphone which can give me good clarity, but with a recognizable bass (but not too much bass like in Beats Studio)
    To be honest, my favorite one so far is B&W P5, but its too outrageously expensive. [​IMG]
    Other Specifications:
    1. Over Ear & Very Comfortable & Portable(Most important!)
    3. Good Design & Durable
    4. No need for battery
    Did my research, and so far I am inclined to Bose AE2 since it's the most comfortable one (from my research). I have not tried it though. But there are ALOT of people going against it. [​IMG]
    Please help me for my headphone search, and need to ensure that this hard earned cash of mine is well spent. Thanks! :) [​IMG]

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