need phones to take to meets, demos, shows, etc
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Oct 10, 2008
maybe this is an unusual request

I'd like to buy a spare set of phones with the sole purpose of using them to demo equipment that I take to meets, shows, demos, etc.

not all shows will involve folks who know how to properly care for phones, so I'd like to buy some robust well built phones that can take some abuse, as would be seen from strangers using my equipment and not caring a whole lot about it.

the sound has to be ok but does not have to be super high end. lets assume that an attendee might spend 5 minutes (at most) listening. comfort isn't important in this situation; not really.

price should be in the $100 or less range. this is purely an 'expense' to me and I'd prefer to keep it somewhat low. also if they get broken or damaged i'd like to minimize my replacement cost.

I'd like to avoid velour style cushions and rather have things that are removable and washable. again, 'general public' use and I'd like to get them clean (as possible) before each day's showing.

impedance does not matter, I'll drive them from decent amps.

so, given all those constraints, what would you recommend as your 'take on the road shows' phones?

(next show is 'burning amp' and I'd like to have some phones I can leave on the table as demo equip. I need to choose something fast as its in a few weeks from now)

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