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New Head-Fier
Mar 24, 2011
I have a $300 gift card for Best Buy and I'm looking at getting a nice set of headphone.  I have it narrowed down to 4 options; Phiaton MS 300, Phiaton MS 400, Bose OE, and Sennheiser HD 25 originals.  My top two are the Bose OEs and the Phiaton MS 300 because of their size and portability. I know the Senns HD 25s sound really good, but I'm looking something that can fold up for portability. I like the size of the MS 300 more than the MS 400, but how much SQ do you lose by going to the MS 300s. I was trying to find a frequency response graph for the Bose OE, but couldn’t. My top two are either the Bose OE or the Phiaton MS 300. Let me know what you think between these two and all four. Thanks.


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