Need Opinions on Balanced Cable for HD800
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Feb 19, 2013
Hey guys,
Looking to get a balanced cable for my HD800.
So far I have been looking at the official Sennheiser balanced cable (CH 800 S) and cables from Norne Audio (Solv & Draug)
The HD800 cable is pretty expensive over in the U.S. (380 USD on Amazon) and on top of that, I am from Canada, so the exchange rate would be killer making the cable cost almost 500 Canadian dollars! 
However, there is a Canadian dealer over here that sells the official Sennheiser cable for 299 Canadian dollars which is not too bad of a deal considering the price in the U.S. and the poor CAD dollar.
I spec'd out similar length cables at the Norne Audio website (I put similar lengths to the official cable which is 11.5 ft) and both the Solv and Draug would cost about 400 USD (500+ canadian dollars). However, standard length (5-6 ft) Norne cables would cost about 300 USD.
So overall, the cheapest option is the 299 Canadian official Sennheiser balanced cable. Are aftermarket cables worth it over the standard balanced cable? I don't mind spending the extra bucks if the aftermarket cables are truly worth it. I'm not the biggest cable buff and don't have much experience with aftermarket cables, so I'm unsure of the advantages that an aftermarket cable would bring over the standard balanced Senn cable.
Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!
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May 5, 2022 at 1:55 PM Post #5 of 7 makes really good cables at prices that are more than fair. But, you will have to deal with import issues from the UK.

I have a bunch of his cables and Sennheiser parts, he is a top guy for HD 25 and other headphone mods for Sennheisers and Beyers.

As far as your question about what's the difference, this is a contentious topic. In my view (and I'm a guy who has not listened to a 30,000 euro cable) unless a cable is defective they all sound the same. What you get for your money from a good shop is good materials and good construction, and a custom appearance that you can choose.
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For the HD800S I got the Hart cables and really like them, and the price was way more reasonable than others. The budget king is Youkamoo at $45 and I've gotten those for some Hifiman models as well as Sennheisers. The Youkamoo sounded a little brighter like lifted upper mids, and Hart Cables always sounded as good or better than stock, even on high end stuff. The quick connect option is good since I get a variety of amps to test out. Saves wear on the headphone connectors too.
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If you don't mind using a stiff cable, Atlas Zeno might be a good budget option. Here in UK, pre-loved Atlas Zeno at the length of 3m are mostly priced at 220 quids

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