Need New Source Component, Advice Needed!
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New Head-Fier
May 13, 2013
Hi I recently had a Cowon Z2 which just stopped working after only two months (this has put me off).  This really dissapointed me as I was really pleased with it.  It had its obvious problems but the sound quality and SD card slot made it a perfect fit for me.  The styling was how I like things (simple, neat, with a look of quality), it was a nice size not too big or thick. The jet effect 5 with bbe was very good for me as I don't listen to my music flat anyway. I like bass (deep, taut, weighty, distortion free to shake my brain), a bright treble and clear, crisp mids.
So with all that can mind can people give me their recommendation for a replacement.  My budget is upto £250.

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